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What is Epistane?

EPI Fury Epistane

Epistane is a prohormone that can be ingested orally. It resembles the dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a male sex hormone said to slow down baldness. Bodybuilders just refer to this non-progestanic substance as “Epi.” It works by binding itself to the androgen receptors in the cells found in your muscles. After enhancing levels of protein and nitrogen, it will help build muscle mass, as well as boost your strength. It is not designed to aromatize, which means it won’t convert the testosterone into estrogen that can lead to bloating, water retention and fat gain. For comparison’s sake, you can probably liken Epistane to Winstrol or Turinabol.

As prohormones go, Epistane is not the oldest. In fact, it wasn’t until 1966 when Japanese researchers stumbled upon the compound. When it was launched in the market, it assumed the name methepistiostane and was billed as an effective drug against breast cancer. As always with prohormones, bodybuilders recognized its benefits due to an 1100:91 ratio of anabolic to androgenic. It wasn’t until the mid-2000s, however, when the compound was introduced as a supplement for bodybuilders.

How to Cycle Epistane

The good thing about this product is that it works well with any anabolic steroids when you decide to stack. So regardless if you are using Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, Testosterone, Dianabol or Trenavar, you are good to go. You can also take Epistane on its own, particularly for newbies whose bodies have never been exposed to steroids. Those who have completed about four cycles will find the benefits of stacking Epistane with other hormones for cutting or weight loss.

Even if you diet, the muscle mass can still be retained. This is ideal for cutting because only the fat will be burned to augment the caloric deficit. On recomp cycles, you can stack the compound with a combination of Trenavar and PrimobolDx (Methyl-diaz) to boost protein synthesis and nitrogen, while converting fat into energy.

Because of its very minimal toxicity profile, Epistane is great for stacking with halodrol (to gain dry hard muscles) or mythelstenbolone for quick mass gain and to harden the muscles that are already gained.

For newbies, it is recommended that you take just 30mg daily. For capsules with 10mg and average half-life, it means you have to take it three times every seven hours. The first capsule is taken upon waking up. You should also ingest a pill an hour before working out. You do this for the next four weeks. For those with experience, they can increase the dosage to 40mg daily, which should last during the whole 6-week cycle.

Implement a post-cycle therapy immediately after taking the last of the Epistane pill. The PCT is crucial for your body to produce natural hormones once again, which has been messed up while you were on Epistane. You really don’t want to develop gynecomastia (female breast development) because you fail to monitor your intake. The rule of thumb is the longer the cycle and the higher the dosage, the bigger the risk of developing gyno. You can minimize the risk by not stopping abruptly the intake of Epistane, but rather to turn back down the amount of milligrams near the end of the cycle.

For best results, it is recommended that you use Nolvadex and creatinine for the PCT.

Side Effects of Epistane

Epistane is considered as a mild hormone, which means it doesn’t put as much burden on your liver compared to the other prohormones. Unlike steroids that can be very hard for the liver to break down, Epistane contains milder substances so you are sure that the liver does not actually take a beating when you take it in.

Among the things you should look out for are the negative effects to your blood pressure, good cholesterol and lipids. Users also complain of joint pains or lethargy. You may also experience declining sex drive, as well as hair loss. If you cycle at high doses, you will experience dry joints. You can offset this by taking the proper supplements. One of the reasons why this prohormone remains popular is because of its mild side effects. It is unlikely for you to have any acne outbreaks and you won’t be as aggressive. The hair loss is not reported by the majority of users so that’s always good news.

What’s great about Epistane is that it does not give off that many negative side effects unlike its other prohormone counterparts. You will not experience breakouts or a sudden rise of your blood pressure. When taken in mild dosages, Epistane is completely safe and effective. No wonder that it is one of the most popular supplements today in the fitness community in terms of getting the best hard look especially for those preparing for a competition.

At low dosages of 30-40mg in a span of three or four weeks, you should be okay. The key, therefore, is to never to abuse the drug by not taking them in high dosages. It should be noted, however, that those who used Epistane reported of better results on a cycle of six weeks.

Benefits of Using Epistane

Among the benefits of taking Epistane are:

  • Quick gaining of dry and lean muscles
  • Enhances strength levels allowing you to lift heavier weights
  • Boosts energy levels allowing you to perform more repetitions
  • Helps prevent unwanted fat
  • Little or no water retention

There’s also the fact that the drug is quite cheap as you can purchase about 60 pieces of 10mg tablets at around $40.


As you can see, Epistane is ideal for those who are new to the arcane world of bodybuilding and muscle gain. Its low level of toxicity means it can be stacked with other hormones and anabolic steroids, not to mention that it is safe to use. It is also very flexible in the sense that it can be used for quickly gaining solid mass or for cutting, depending on how you stack and cycle.


What is Superdrol?

While younger people may not recognize the play on words, the term “Superdrol” was a combination of “Super” and “Anadrol,” which was very popular among bodybuilders during its conception.

Methasterone (or methyldrostanolone) is the active compound found in Superdrol. The steroid was very popular because users were reporting of about 20 pounds of muscle in just two weeks after cycling on the brand in just a month. With strong anabolic properties, it is billed as 300-400% more effective at gaining mass with anabolic-to-androgenic ratio of 20, which is right up there among any anobolic steroids.

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The half-life is between six to nine hours. The typical dosage would be around 10mg to 20mg daily for 4 to 6 weeks. That means between one and two capsules per day (don’t take this one without filling your stomach first with food). Bodybuilders with high tolerance for prohormones typically up the dose to about 30mg per day. Be very careful, however, because being hepatoxic this substance can be very tough on your liver. That means you must never, ever drink alcohol while you are taking Superdrol.

Benefits of Using Superdrol

Superdrol has a short cycle, which means that this is actually good news for your liver. Some people have complained of mild pain, but it usually goes away after the cycle. Most users have reported no effects at all to their liver. This makes Superdrol the safest one among any other type of steroids.

Also, most bodybuilding supplements take a long time to generate results. With other steroids, you may gain a little body mass but it will take quite a while to add few pounds more of lean muscles. With Superdrol, you can expect to gain muscle mass of up to 10 pounds after the first month of use.

With Superdrol, you won’t encounter any problem in relation to water retention because of its low presence of estrogen. This is also very effective when used in the first four weeks of the cycle to build muscle mass quickly.

Among the other benefits include:

  • The strong anabolic effect of the drug means easier muscle gain (although it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and exercise, and shun off calories to avoid gaining fat)
  • It boosts long-term metabolism so you can still gain muscle mass in the off season
  • It’s a very effective drug for cutting, and it helps preserve mass amid the caloric deficit
  • It’s also very effective in shedding off excess pounds
  • You gain drier or harder muscle mass due to low water retention
  • It eliminates the need for longer workouts
  • Faster recovery times in between workouts
  • It boosts energy so the user can lift heavier weights and put out more repetitions without getting tired
  • It’s also cheaper compared to Dbol or T-bol

What’s great about Superdrol is that no needles are involved because up to this point, it is an oral anabolic steroid. This is good news to those who do not like getting pricked by needles, as is the case with some types of steroids. And because it is oral, you can easily divide the dosages into small amounts daily.

Many Superdrol users will let you believe that their bodies are only a result of hard work, but this obviously is not true. While it takes a lot of hard work to gain an impressive physique, it also needs a little Superdrol help. With the right training and supplements, an aspiring bodybuilder or athlete, or just about anyone, can achieve in just two to four months what it would normally take a year to achieve.

Side Effects of Superdrol

People on steroids experience increased physical performance in sports and other activities, and appear more physically impressive. This is the main positive effects of Superdrol, which is why many athletes, bodybuilders and people with active lifestyles use them.

Superdrol users experience the effects at a higher degree, such as increased muscle mass, fast tissue repair, greater endurance and quick fat loss. Users benefit from exaggerated benefits from their workouts, in which they gain inches on their biceps rather quickly. However, unlike other types of steroids that are injected to a particular muscle that a user wants enlarged, Superdrol is taken orally, which means that the muscle mass gain is balanced in the entire body.

Steroids can also increase pubic and facial hair. It can deepen the voice, as well as boost your ambition and focus. Supplementing with Superdrol gain large amounts of testosterone, which help you develop these trains. Also, one area that can positively be affected is your sex drive, and this is considered to be one of the most potentially enjoyable side effects for most users, as it increases performance and sexual arousal. While it can be distracting to get aroused in appropriate times, it is a positive side effect of Superdrol nonetheless.

Like any anabolic steroid, Superdrol suppresses the production of natural testosterone. It is recommended that you stack this one with a supplement that promotes exogenous testosterone, regardless of the brand. You need to have another testosterone source for your body to keep functioning normally.

Superdrol will also make the user dehydrate quicker so four liters of water is recommended daily. You will also notice that your urine will be dark yellow and experience lethargy especially in the early mornings.

After the cycle, it is important that you undergo a post-cycle therapy to bring the testosterone levels back to normal although that would probably not happen for a long time. What is important is to get some balance in your body so it won’t shut down.


Superdrol is an effective anabolic steroid. In order to optimize the returns, you need to take this in stack. The very low estrogenic property means that it’s a very effective supplement for cutting.

The right dosage of Superdrol, plus supplementation and the right diet are critical to gaining muscles without the side effects. We must emphasize the importance of diet to anybody that is looking into getting the maximum gains through Superdrol. A diet that is high in complex carbs, protein and EFAs or Essential Fatty Acids will help dramatically.