A Cycle is the period of Time that you are actually taking a Supplement for, such as “SD Matrix” for 4 weeks,  this 4 weeks would be your 4 week ON Cycle.

When you stop taking the product this is your OFF Cycle we recommend doing No more than 4 Cycles a year of SD Matrix.

During your ON cycle using supplements,  such as “SD Matrix”  your natural hormone levels are altered, your Testosterone levels will be higher while taking the product & you will be all fired up & working out like crazy. But when you all of a sudden stop! After 4 weeks of taking such a strong product,your your body needs time to adjust. Often your natural Testosterone making mechanism of your body will be suppressed & may need a little time to adjust to kick I to get back to normal levels.

Your estrogen levels can be Increased during this period your OFF Cycle which would happen in week 5 & this can sometimes cause symptoms such as (Gyno) Gynecomastia or man boobs, or simply you may loose some of the Gains that you have made during your on Cycle.

At this point we recommend taking a (PCT) Post Cycle Therapy product. We suggest a Testo Booster Product such as T Matrix this will help balance your Testosterone Levels, reduce the Estrogen in your Body, over the coming 4 week period & help maintain your gains made during your on cycle of Taking SD Matrix

T matrix