SD Matrix & FREE Matrix Milk  £31.99

The UKs NO 1 Most Popular BODY BUILDING Supplement to PACK on  "ROCK HARD MUSCLE"   ! Now with FREE Matrix Milk.

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        No Fat. No Flab. Just Pure, Lean Muscle Mass

SD Matrix is a powerful supplement that is currently considered by many to be the best legal body-building supplement that you can buy in the United Kingdom and it has been designed to increase the testosterone levels similar to that caused the prohibited steroids!

SD Matrix fits perfectly with your regular routine.. You go about your business, and SD Matrix takes care of the rest…..When you do work out, you’ll soon be tearing through those sets like no-man’s business.... You’re gonna feel that pump like never before…. Your stamina is going to be incredible.... In fact, you’ll probably have to tone down your enthusiasm! .....Your body will soon be ripped like never before. Definitions you’ve been trying to enhance for months are now appearing in weeks.

  • Huge increases in strength
  • Increases in protein synthesis
  • Burn fat at a faster rate
  • Increased sex drive
  • Huge muscle pumps
  • Increased energy levels
  • Huge increases in size
  • Faster recovery between sessions
  • Increased muscle hardness
SD Matrix

Huge Muscle Pumps

When you do work out, you’ll soon be tearing through those sets like no-man’s business. You’re gonna feel that pump like never before.Your stamina is going to be incredible.

In fact, you’ll probably have to tone down your enthusiasm!Your body will soon be ripped like never before. Definitions you’ve been trying to enhance for months are now appearing in weeks.

More Muscle Means More Strength and Super Performance

How Effective is SD MATRIX

Users have reported results of up to 15 lbs of steel-hard muscle gains in a single month. Do the maths… that’s just about a half pound of muscle gain a day!

Who’ll benefit most? Once you’ve past your mid-twenties, your natural hormone level starts to decline. That’s one of nature’s dirty little tricks played on us men. Our cave-dwelling forbearers at this age were expendable – we did our job siring children, so why waste important resources on us? Nowadays, we guys have a totally different take on this!

Cycle through SD Matrix

One Month On, Two Months Off! Here’s the other factor other companies won’t tell you – you have to Cycle through SD Matrix. This means you’ll take SD Matrix for one month as directed, then break off for two full months.

In one year, you should Never Exceed four cycles of use.

We’re not joking around on this. Sure we could make more money selling you SD Matrix 12 times a year. But that’s just not going to happen – not with us.

SD Matrix & FREE Matrix Milk  £31.99

The UKs NO 1 Most Popular BODY BUILDING Supplement to PACK on  "ROCK HARD MUSCLE"   ! Now with FREE Matrix Milk.

SD Matrix

How to Use SD Matrix

Remember… only take SD Matrix for one month, then pause for two.

Weeks 1 to 4

We take seriously the strength of our products and want every customer to be informed on how to take them, Also for a limited time, for every bottle of SD Matrix you order from us, we’ll include at absolutely no extra cost a full bottle of our powerful Milk Thistle supplement. That’s 60 softgel capsules with a full 300 mg. of pure Milk Thistle Extract. It perfectly complements the 60 softgel capsules in our SD Matrix Muscle Building compound.....( SD Matrix Just take one in the morning at Breakfast along with one Milk Thistle , and repeat both again in the evening with your Evening meal do not take for more than 30 days wait 2 months before starting again ) That’s it – you’re set!

Weeks 5 to 8

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is a very important part of taking a product such as SD Matrix. Basically after taking SD Matrix for 30 days your testosterone levels will be elevated as you body slows down making its own testosterone, when you come to the end of your  SD Matrix cycle suddenly stopping causes dip in testosterone levels & an increase in estrogen production, therefore it is recommend taking a testosterone booster/ estrogen blocker for a month until the body resets itself........ Simply take 2 Testo Extreme per day one in the morning & 1 in the evening............. We also recommend cleansing the liver on weeks 8 to 12 With TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid), which is naturally occurring in the body,TUDCA is the ultimate form of liver protection and has FDA approval for its ability to reduce elevated liver enzymes.


100% Guarantee of Unconditional Satisfaction! Put SD Matrix to the only test that counts – how it works for you. If you don’t see and feel remarkable gains in the one month of use – just let us know. We’ll refund your money (minus S&H costs). It’s that simple. There’s no need to send us back the empty bottle – we’re all honest adults and we’ll take your word you gave SD Matrix an honest try. Fair enough?

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What is SD Matrix
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Are you determined about increasing muscle mass? SD Matrix is a powerful supplement based on a prohormone formula that is set to deliver results equivalent to those of anabolic steroids.

The formula is so powerful that it is considered as the bodybuilding supplement capable of providing the highest testosterone levels among all the legal sports supplements sold in the United Kingdom.

Pro-hormones Explained

The question of prohormones seems to intrigue many due to their similarity with anabolic steroids. However, they have one significant difference. Just like the illegal anabolic steroids pro-hormones serve as a testosterone precursor. In simple language, prohormones are raw materials of what makes hormones. Their main difference between them and anabolic steroids is that prohormones lack one molecule which is only introduced after the formula has been exposed to enzymes in the body.

The resulting reaction then converts the prohormones into anabolic hormones which the body utilizes to increase muscle mass dramatically.

How SD Matrix Works


Anabolic steroids have been long banned, and you may be wondering how SD Matrix which produces similar results is still at large. The answer is simple because SD Matrix is safe. Read on to get a better grip on how it works.

As a Prohormone, SD Matrix begins the muscle mass building process after it has been digested by the enzymes within the body. This moment is when levels of anabolic hormones increase significantly in the blood stream. After this, fat cells and nutrients in the muscles are burned for fuel which then leads to the formation of muscle mass.

Here is the part you have been waiting for, unlike anabolic steroids, SD Matrix cannot be abused. This is because pro-hormones rely on enzymes which occur naturally in the body and limited supply. Depletion of these enzymes renders the Prohormone dormant and can no longer be processed.

Benefits of SD Matrix

Prohormones are now widely used by the professional and amateur athlete as well. They are also a favorite for bodybuilders who experience slower growth building lean muscle. The primary advantage of using SD Matrix is producing significant lean muscle mass gains. To provide maximum muscle growth, SD matrix enhances testosterone levels up to the optimum levels.

Another significant benefit of this formula is that it radically improves the recovery time of your muscles during training. When doing your workout, you will be tearing through the sets in a way you never thought possible. You may even have to tone down your morale.

Other benefits rendered by SD Matrix include boosting strength, enhancing heart function, improving sex drive, higher energy levels, enhanced mood, stronger and denser bones and increasing muscle hardness.

You will experience a pump that you have never felt before, your stamina will be over the top, and soon, your body will be ripped more than ever. Not only will SD Matrix render these results, but it will also deliver them in a short span of only four weeks.

Armed with a concrete workout plan and proper nutrition, you will manage to achieve definitions you have been trying to get for months in a matter of weeks.

Effectiveness of SD Matrix

Are you ready for a mind blowing increase in muscle mass in the shortest time possible? Users of this pro-hormone formula have reported gains of up to 15 lbs of pure lean muscle within a month. If you do the math, that brings you close to gaining half a pound of muscle mass every day.

In a month's time, you will appear bigger, stronger and harder. You will hardly recognize the person you see in the mirror.

How to Use SD Matrix

The best way to use SD Matrix is to do it in cycles. This is one concept most companies will not disclose to you. Use the formula for a month and then stay without for two months and so on. You should never exceed four cycles of using SD Matrix in one year.

SD Matrix & FREE Matrix Milk  £31.99

The UKs NO 1 Most Popular BODY BUILDING Supplement to PACK on  "ROCK HARD MUSCLE"   ! Now with FREE Matrix Milk.

SD Matrix