What is Methylstenbolone?

Methylstenbolone or M-Sten is a brand new and potent prohormone. Methylstenbolone helps to build muscle mass and size gains and is an over the counter legal product.

How does Methylstenbolone work?

Methylstenbolone possesses an androgenic rating of 170 and a massive anabolic rating of 660. Research proves that it has a greater muscle building effect than anadrol or dianabol. Furthermore, it is an active and orally compound that resists metabolic breakdown.

Cycles are typically three to four weeks in length with four weeks being the most customary. Due to its extreme potency, we strongly advise all our customers not to use it for longer than four weeks. In general, we recommend doses around 10-20mg per day.

Benefits of Methylstenbolone

Methylstenbolone is a very powerful and effective prohormone. It has a range of benefits that you can experience. Some key benefits include:

  • Mass Gains
  • Size Gains
  • Bulking
  • Fuller Muscles
  • Strength Gains

Results will vary based upon the dosage, experience, diet and many other factors involved. Nevertheless, it provides exceptional lean body mass gains, excellent strength gains and great endurance in the gym.

Side effects of Methylstenbolone

Methylstenbolone turns into testosterone but does not convert to an estrogenic metabolite. In addition, M-Sten doesn’t have any affinity for the progesterone receptor. Thus, estrogen mediated side effects should be virtually non-existent.

As with any prohormone, long term use could have adverse effects on your liver. Thus, cycle support is necessary to avoid damage. Therefore, we advise taking milk thistle along with Methylstenbolone.

Implement a post cycle therapy (PCT) immediately after taking Methylstenbolone. PCT is crucial for your body to produce natural hormones again because they were mangled while you were on it.

Like with any other prohormone, we advise to only use Methylstenbolone after approval of your medical advisor.

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