What is Masterdrol?

Masterdrol is an excellent methylated hormone. It is the perfect product for experienced bodybuilders and athletes looking for fast increases in muscle mass and weight loss along with faster recovery post workouts.

Masterdrol is one of the most powerful prohormones. Consequently, you will notice overall results much faster than any other prohormone even with lower doses. Due to the testosterone increasing effects, it is only recommended for males over the age of 21.

How does Masterdrol work?

Masterdrol is a testosterone derivative and a ‘wet’ compound that is very anabolic and androgenic. It binds with androgen receptors which stimulates the development and growth of muscles across the body. Furthermore, it induces weight loss, increases endurance and post workout recovery. This process is a natural process from testosterone production. However, Masterdrol speeds up this process making it an excellent product for you to increase lean muscle mass.

Using Masterdrol is as easy as using any other supplement. All you need to do is diligently consume two capsules per day if you’re using MD Fury. Also, for better results, we suggest increasing your water and protein intake. After finishing your cycle, you will need to follow it up with post cycle therapy (PCT). Not only will the post cycle therapy reinstate your body’s testosterone production, but it will also help you maintain the mega-gains you acquired through your hard work and Masterdrol.

Benefits of Masterdrol

Masterdrol is a fast-acting anabolic-androgenic supplement with all the qualities of a steroid but qualifies as a prohormone. Its first feat would be to turbo-charge your body and unleash the beast within you. Within weeks you will experience a dramatic rise in your strength levels. If that sounds exciting, wait till you experience the increase in your sexual endurance and libido. Also, Masterdrol is a specialist when it comes to dry gains. It’s high-powered formula is formulated to give you the leanest form of muscle possible. All of it and more while giving you a completely new outlook in a matter of weeks. In a nutshell, depending on your dose and commitment, you might experience the following:

  • Mega gains
  • Increased vascularity
  • Explosive energy
  • Skull crushing workouts
  • Gorilla strength.

Apart from being one of the most potent supplements, Masterdrol does not convert into estrogen, so there’s a high probability that you will not face any estrogen-related symptoms such as gynecomastia. Also, because of the dry gains, when appropriately consumed, your gains will last longer than most other supplements.

Side effects of Masterdrol

Masterdrol is a very strong supplement, and therefore users should highly regulate its consumption. As a responsible user, you should never exceed the recommended dose. In addition, depending on exogenous factors such as genetics, there can be some side effects such as male baldness, increased heart rate, and blood pressure. While consuming Masterdrol, you should always consume a high-protein diet complemented with omega fatty acids along with limiting your fat intake.

The typical cycle length for Masterdrol is four weeks, any longer cycles could cause side effects. However, significant gains are noticeable in less than the four weeks.

Implement a post cycle therapy immediately after taking Masterdrol. PCT is crucial for your body to produce natural hormones again because they were mangled while you were on Masterdrol.

Like with any prohormone, we advise to only use Masterdrol after approval of your medical advisor.


Masterdrol is one of the strongest prohormones. You can use it if you want to gain serious muscle mass and strength in a very short amount of time. Therefore, only experienced trainers, athletes and bodybuilders should use Masterdrol.

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