What is Superdrol

Superdrol, or Methyldrostanolone, is an incredibly popular oral steroid amongst strength athletes and bodybuilders. While it was originally sold and billed as a “prohormone”, Superdrol hits all of the markers of an anabolic steroid and was banned from sale in 2005.

Superdrol For Dummies,

In athletic circles, Superdrol is known for being a fast-acting AAS that can add pounds of lean muscle to your frame while also allowing you to add a ton of weight to the bar.

Unlike other steroids, Superdrol is popular for its low-estrogenic side effects. This means that you will experience almost no water retention (bloating), gynecomastia, and you will not need to support your cycle with any anti-estrogens.

Superdrol Results,

Superdrol is considered a highly effective anabolic for athletes at all levels of sport. Bodybuilders like to use it to wrap up a pre-contest cut cycle (since water retention is relatively low), and strength athletes like to use it to break through a plateau (since strength gains are relatively high).
Major strength and size gains are normal while taking Superdrol.







Superdrol Cycle,

We recommend that beginners start taking Superdrol at 20mg per day for 6 weeks. Advanced users could increase it to 30mg-40mg per day, but you still wouldn’t want to run it for more than 6 weeks at a time because of how toxic it can be.
Many athletes on the web report having better results by splitting your daily dose into a morning and evening dose (two per day).
Superdrol can be used effectively for both cutting and bulking purposes, with the main difference being in the amount of calories you take in.
As with any major cycle, you will want to run post cycle therapy to improve your body’s natural ability to create testosterone.

We recommend a combination of  TMATRIX & ALS Liver Support









Superdrol Side Effects,

Superdrol, like all steroids and anabolics, comes with its own set of side effects we want you to know about:


Like almost all anabolics that increase your testosterone levels, it will suppress your body’s ability to make natural testosterone while you take it, so supplementing with exogenous testosterone is highly recommended. Natural testosterone production will return once you end your Superdrol cycle, still, we recommend a reasonable PCT (post cycle therapy) program to help your body heal naturally and efficiently.


Like tons of other anabolics on the market, Superdrol is hepatotoxic — meaning it can be harmful or stressful to your liver. To minimize the hepatotoxic side effects, avoid things that put even more stress on your liver like alcohol or other over the counter medicines. We also recommend using a liver health supplement such as milk thistle. or ALS liver support 


While Superdrol is popular for how little water retention it causes, it can still negatively affect your cholesterol levels and your cardiovascular system. For this reason, we highly recommend that your diet is high in lean protein and that you get in your daily recommended amount of omega fatty acids (fish oil is a popular supplement for this). You also want to limit the amount of fats you take in through-out the day.


Superdrol can cause both estrogenic and androgenic based side effects. These can include male pattern baldness, acne, and more. A lot of these side effects are dependent on your genetics — so not every single person will experience them.

superdrol vs dbol

When people are considering taking Superdrol, more often than not, it is compared to Dbol (or Dianabol). The simple answer is this: Superdrol is often considered more intense than Dbol. Superdrol is run for shorter periods, while Dbol can be run safely for longer amounts of time. Generally speaking, Superdrol is considered more toxic, and the side effects are worse, but Superdrol is also more effective at developing gains in a tighter time frame.

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