Training Cycles & Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Post cycle therapy is part of making use of training cycles. A cycle is the period of time that you are actually taking a supplement for. For prohormones like SD Matrix or Matrix Black such a cycle is one month. Thus, this one month your ON cycle.

Afterwards, when you stop taking the supplements this is your OFF cycle. We recommend taking an OFF cycle of two months. In addition, use post cycle therapy (PCT) products during your OFF cycle.

The combination of one ON cycle and one OFF cycle will thus take you three months. We really recommend to adhere these cycles. You should thus not be doing more than four cycles a year of SD Matrix, Matrix Black or any other prohormone and always adhere to a good post cycle therapy.

Why use training cycles and post cycle therapy?

During your ON cycle using supplements, your natural hormone levels are altered. Also, your liver need to work hard to process the supplements. This means, amongst others, that your testosterone levels will be higher while taking prohormones. Consequently, you will be all fired up and working out like crazy. After one month of taking such an effective product, your body needs time to readjust. Therefore, your natural testosterone making mechanism of your body will often be suppressed and may need a little time to readjust to normal levels. This is were the post cycle therapy comes in.

Furthermore, your estrogen levels may increase during this period your OFF cycle which would happen in week 5. This can sometimes cause symptoms such as gynecomastia or man boobs. Also, you may loose some of the gains that you have made during your ON cycle. Again, a reason to look at post cycle therapy to counter this.

T Matrix Testo Booster

For the above reasons, first of all, we recommend using a testosterone booster as your first post cycle therapy (PCT) product. We suggest T Matrix as this will help balance your testosterone levels and reduce the estrogen in your body. Use it during the first month of your post cycle therapy and it will help to maintain your gains made during your ON cycle while rebalancing your body.

Advanced Liver Support

During your second month of your post cycle therapy – the third and final month of your full cycle – it is time to let your body, and especially your liver, recover in full. In order to assist you body in doing so, we recommend Advanced Liver Support (ALS). ALS will specifically restore, rehab and maintain your liver. This will in turn prevent liver cell death, the building up of liver bile and blocks the formation of toxic metabolites.

One of the main ingredients of ALS is tudca. This is a state of the art liver detox product that works perfectly as a detox product alone or alongside a prohormone cycle. A crucial aspect to successfully running your prohormone cycle is preserving your best health with a post cycle therapy. This will enable you to feel well in your body and revitalized after your post cycle therapy. In this way, you will be able to enjoy your new-found strength and results in the long term.

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