What is Boladrol?

Boladrol is an excellent methylated hormone known as 7,17-alpha-dimethyl-androsten-3,17-diol. It is now beginning to make its name in the bodybuilding world due to its powerful effects when it comes to bulking.

Boladrol is the perfect product for experienced bodybuilders and athletes looking for fast increases in muscle mass and weight loss along with faster recovery post workouts.

Boladrol is one of the most powerful prohormones. Consequently, you will notice overall results much faster than any other prohormone even with lower doses. Due to the testosterone increasing effects, it is only recommended for males over the age of 21.

How does Boladrol work?

Boladrol is a testosterone derivative and a ‘wet’ compound that is very anabolic and androgenic. It binds with androgen receptors which stimulates the development and growth of muscles across the body. Furthermore, it induces weight loss, increases endurance and post workout recovery. This process is a natural process from testosterone production. However, Boladrol speeds up this process making it an excellent product for you to increase lean muscle mass.

Boladrol has proven that the average weight gain is around 5 lbs. per week. You obtain these results when you take Boladrol correctly along with regular workouts and a controlled diet. Significant muscle mass is noticeable within two weeks and due to its strength you can use it in short two weeks cycles.

The recommended dosage per day is 2 mg. until you become more tolerant to the compound. You can increase your dosage after a couple of days to a week to either 4 or 6 mg daily, taken in 2 mg forms, three times a day.

Benefits of Boladrol

Boladrol is a very powerful and effective prohormone. It has a range of benefits that can be seen very quickly, some key benefits include:

  • Rapid mass gains
  • Gives you the ability to bulk up to as much as 17 pounds in one month
  • Increased sense of well-being and aggression during workouts
  • Excellent during cutting phase as it improves the way the body uses fat for energy
  • Prevents accumulating any additional fat
  • Extreme strength and muscle gain
  • Limited side effects
  • Low doses required to show maximum positive effects

Side effects of Boladrol

As with any prohormone, long term use could have adverse effects on your liver. Thus, cycle support is necessary to avoid damage. Taking milk thistle along with Boladrol is advised.

The typical cycle length for Boladrol is four weeks, any longer cycles could cause side effects. However, significant gains are noticeable in less than the four weeks.

Implement a post cycle therapy (PCT) immediately after taking Boladrol. PCT is crucial for your body to produce natural hormones again because they were mangled while you were on Boladrol.

Like with any prohormones, we advise to only use Boladrol after approval of your medical advisor.


Boladrol is one of the strongest prohormones. You can use it if you want to gain serious muscle mass and strength in a very short amount of time. Therefore, only experienced trainers, athletes and bodybuilders should use Boladrol.

Along with increasing muscle mass, strength and endurance it promotes fat loss at just low doses. If taken properly there are limited side effects with this prohormone.

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