Are prohormones legal in the UK? A complete guide

Prohormones are precursor molecules through which the body produces anabolic hormones such as testosterone, increasing muscle strength, reducing body fat percentage, and improving performance. Athletes from many disciplines consume them for different purposes. One of the most common questions regarding prohormones we get: are prohormones legal in the UK?

Are prohormones legal in the UK?

Well, if you’re looking for a short answer then, yes, they are. However, not all. Even though the UK government classifies prohormones as supplements just like your regular protein supplements, there are some prohormones that the government has banned in the past due to their toxicity. Prohormones are legal to purchase, sell, and use. However, legal does not equate to unregulated use. Prohormones are not cream puffs. Even though prohormones are safer than steroids, they can have side effects like lower sex drive and lower testosterone levels. However, an effective post-cycle therapy can put rest to these side effects. Almost all prohormones require post-cycle therapy. Effective post-cycle therapy helps in reinstating testosterone production and restoring testosterone levels.

As far as athletic associations are concerned, some associations have banned prohormones while some allow their use. Competitors should stay vigilant about what they consume. Sometimes, manufacturers covertly blend prohibited substances which can result in hefty fines and bans. The best practice is to only purchase from brands who you are sure do not indulge in such practices.

Prohormones’ future in the UK

The UK government is very permissive regarding prohormones. To be fair, there is no strong reason to shove a complete ban on prohormones either. Substances like steroids are banned because of their life threatening side effects. As far as prohormones are concerned, an effective post-cycle therapy should be sufficient to eliminate any side effects.

Why use prohormones?

The intended purpose of using prohormones is to obtain the benefits of steroids without health and legal complications. While the side effects of prohormones can subside through post-cycle therapy, anabolic steroids can remain in the body for up to a year. Prohormones can fast-track your muscle-building journey by accelerating your muscle growth. Many bodybuilders and weight-lifters use them before competitions to be at their best when it matters the most. However, they require dedication. Prohormones are not magic beans that will miraculously stick muscles to your arms. They need the same diligence that all other classes of supplements do, if not more.

Conclusion: are prohormones legal in the UK?

Conclusively, prohormones are widely considered the safer version of steroids. Their popularity has increased manifolds in the past decade or so. However, unfortunately, deceptive labeling has plagued the world of supplements. Many manufacturers play with the health of prohormone users by advertising their prohormones as authentic when in reality, their bottles are loaded with fillers that can lead to serious repercussions such as cardiovascular complications. The best practice is to investigate the products as much as you can.

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are prohormones legal in the UK