Best home exercises: no equipment required

After a tiring day of work, it can be draining to don your gym outfit and desert the comfort of your home for the second time in a day. Don’t worry though! With the right mindset, diet and training, you can achieve all your goals, even without a gym. All you need is sheer persistence and motivation to train like there’s no tomorrow. Whether you’re looking to grow lean muscle, trim fat or build strength, these best home exercises are bound to keep you bulked and fit as a fiddle.  

Best home exercises


Having a bad day? Not anymore. Strap on your trainers, hook on your earphones and forget about everything that’s been keeping you low. Cause it’s time for runner’s high. Apart from burning scores of calories, running can give a deep sense of Euphoria known as the “runner’s high.” Running triggers the pituitary gland, which in response secretes endorphins in the bloodstream- a stress-relieving hormone that has healing properties. 

Although you won’t be running around in your house (unless you have a treadmill), this one of the best home exercises for which you don’t need any equipment apart from some decent running shoes.


Too lazy to pump each muscle group separately? No problem. Push-ups are known to work your chest, biceps, triceps, core and other stabilizing muscles collectively. In addition, there are enough variations for you to do a full-body workout with push-ups alone. Some of the most eminent forms include:

  • Diamond push-ups
  • Cross-body push-ups
  • Flying push-ups
  • Power and clap push-ups

It’s a classic, but still one of the best home exercises.

Fun fact: Minoru Yoshida holds the world record of performing most push-ups in a day: 10507!

Jumping rope

Jumping rope or skipping is one of the fastest ways to enhance your stamina, coordination and cardiovascular health. All you need is a rope and an iron will to continue forever and a day. Also, it’s a great way to increase your concentration and other cognitive abilities. Even though jumping ropes might not be your best companion for building muscles, it makes up for a great warm-up exercise and is unrivaled in terms of strengthening your bones.


Squats are one of the most popular exercises amongst gymaholics so they can’t be left out from the best home exercises. Apart from crushing calories, squats also beef up the lower body. And as they say, the higher the motivation, the lower the squat. Just don’t forget to maintain form in pursuit of pumping your numbers. 


No exercise exerts pressure on core muscles as planks do. They agonizingly slow down time and put the executor through the ultimate endurance test. On the flip side, there’s also no denying that planks produce unparallel results in reference to shaping and sculpting abs. No pain, no gain in its finest form!


Want to develop explosive leg power? Say no more. Step-ups are one of the best ways to build muscular vein-popping legs. In addition, because of their unilateral nature, they’re an efficient way to fix muscle size imbalance. Moreover, they’re also handy in improving forms for various exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Lastly, unlike squats and deadlifts, step-ups’ area of concentration is solely the leg muscle, so if you’re suffering from spasms or aches, you can still bank on step-ups to give you a proper leg workout.  


Don’t have time for a full-body workout? Try burpees. If you’re a fan of HIIT, there’s no way you’re a stranger to burpees. It engages the entire body and is one of the most grueling exercises on our list. Along with strengthening primary muscles such as quads, hamstrings, and triceps, it’s also an effective way to boost your stamina. Research says an average man can perform 56 burpees in 3 minutes.  

Tricep dips

Tricep dips, also known as chair dips, are often perceived as the most effective way to build tricep muscles so they need to be part of our best home exercises if you want to exercise your arms. Apart from challenging all three tricep muscles, they also challenge the pectoral muscles and improve the stability of the shoulders. In most cases, a double-arm chair should suffice, but a bench is equally desirable. Even though it’s a fairly simple exercise in terms of technique, some commit the mistake of locking their elbows while straightening the arm, which can cause injuries. The best practice is to have a slight bend with a firm grip.   

Conclusion on best home exercises

To sum up, there’s no limit to what can be achieved if you’re disciplined and work out religiously. Besides, if you’re really committed, along with employing these best home exercises, do give our powerful life-changing products a chance that will surely give you the best bang for your buck. They’re formulated with special care just to cut your journey in half and give you noticeable results. And if they don’t, you’ve got our word. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our products. Though, we’ve never have to do that. Any guesses, why?