Can you do a keto diet while cycling SARMS?

The keto diet’s popularity has grown leaps and bounds in recent times. From A-list celebrities to star pro-athletes, almost everyone considers the keto diet the magnum opus of all diets. Fair to say, it’s the talk of the town in the fitness world. And while almost everyone is thinking of the keto diet as the answer to all their prayers, SARMS users are confused if they can do a keto diet while cycling SARMS.

What is a keto diet?

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that depends on consuming fewer calories than your body requires, just like any other weight loss regimen. The main attraction of this diet is having the freedom to munch on fats that were otherwise considered bad for weight loss, such as cheese. While the keto diet barely scratches the surface of gaining muscles, it has proven to be an excellent method for shedding extra pounds.

However, as effortless as it may sound, it comes with its challenges. It’s not kid’s stuff and requires discipline and commitment. Low carbs mean no sugary fluids, fries and white bread. It’s an extensive process that requires determination, and carelessness can make all your efforts go down in vain. Even though it would be hard to quantify the results, it’s safe to say that practicing the keto diet can help you shed 10 pounds in four weeks.

Can you do keto diet while cycling SARMS

Can you do a keto diet while cycling SARMS?

The Keto diet and SARMS are both taxing on the body. And therefore, the first week of pairing both can be demanding. This calls for extra precautions and preventive measures. Because keto is a low-carb diet, the first week without carbs can make you feel worn out and foggy-headed. However, the good news is that as soon as your body gets used to ketosis, the effects vanish quickly. The chances are that you will start feeling fresher than what you felt even when you were consuming carbs.

Speaking from past results and user experiences, you can do a keto diet while cycling SARMS as they complement each other well, especially during the cutting phase. Since SARMS prevents muscle loss, they might be the best choice of supplements. Also, because carbs are absent, the body can only fuel itself through fats or muscles during the cutting phase. Cycling SARMS can accelerate the fat-burning process, and you might get in shape quicker than you expect. As for bulking, SARMS are efficient in converting excess calories in muscles. Though, you would need to watch your diet a lot more closely and consume additional proteins . 

Research into SARMS is still in its development phase. And, therefore it’s hard to comment on the long-term impact of taking on a keto diet while cycling SARMS. If you’re considering experimenting with both, you will need to grind hard in the gym. As you will see later, being on a keto diet while cycling SARMS has its requirements that need to be fulfilled for the best results.

Keto diet while cycling SARMS: risks and requirements

The Keto diet is a high-fat diet. It does not distinguish between saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are not good for the heart and can clog up arteries. On top of it, cycling SARMS can increase the risk of heart complications. And therefore, if you’re on a keto diet while cycling SARMS, it is essential to consume healthy fats and proteins mostly. Also, if you’re looking to experiment with both, working out will not be a choice but an obligation, ideally with cardio. That is because you cannot let fat build up in your body. If you’re consuming unsaturated fats and are working hard in the gym, cycling SARMS while doing a keto diet can accelerate your transformation. 

Another risk associated with the keto diet is the deficiency of vital nutrients. Cutting carbs might prove fruitful to you in terms of losing weight. However, sometimes the sources of carbs provide many other nutrients too that are important for the body. And therefore, to meet these requirements, try consuming rich foods in terms of vitamins and other nutrients. Lastly, cycling SARMS can also have some temporary side effects. You can read more about it on its dedicated page here.

Conclusion: keto diet while cycling SARMS

Conclusively, chosing a keto diet while cycling SARMS can get you jaw-dropping results, especially if you’re cutting fat. However, both cycling SARMS and the keto diet require discipline and grit. You may take a day off from the gym, but you can’t have a single cheat meal without compromising on your diet. It’s also worth mentioning that the body takes 2–4 days to enter ketosis, and if for some reason you’re out of it, it might take an additional 2-4 days for the body to get used to the keto diet.

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