How fast do SARMS work?

When SARMS first burst on the scene, they disrupted the entire supplement industry. Not only were these supplements whipping up performance they were also doing it on the back of little to no side effects. And the fact that the results from protein supplements couldn’t hold a candle to the results from SARMS only cemented SARMS’ status as the smoking hot next big thing.

Today SARMS like Ostarine and RAD-140 are some of the most popular supplements. While there are no arguments for their potency, many wonder if SARMS are quick to act and compare them with the likes of other classes of supplements, such as prohormones. However, before uncovering how fast do SARMS work, it is essential to understand what separates them from other classes of supplements.

To begin with, many SARMS are derived from medical purposes such as treating weak bones. So, almost all SARMS have additional benefits. On top of that, SARMS are highly selective. Part of it can be linked with their inability to aromatize. That means they strengthen bones and pack muscles with far lesser side effects. For this reason, some even term SARMS as “steroid’s healthy substitute.” While the jury is still out on that, what can be taken to the bank is their superior risk-results ratio which makes SARMS a top pick. That begs the question: how fast do SARMS work?

How fast do SARMS work?

SARMS kick in as soon as you start taking them. Within a couple of days, you will notice a detectable change in your strength and endurance. You will start hammering more sets while getting less tired, having a snowball effect on your form, gains, and even confidence.

Another perspective can be on the results. Typically, most SARMS can completely transform you within weeks, so you can point out noticeable changes in your body from week 1. However, it also depends on the SARM you’re cycling. You will see a more prominent change in the same timeframe by cycling RAD-140 than cycling relatively less potent SARMS.

While it’s hard to quantify the results with so many factors at play, you can expect to gain around 15 pounds by cycling RAD-140 in a 4-week cycle. Of course, results are tied in with potency, so RAD-140’s example is inclined towards the upper limit. On the other hand, you can expect to gain around 10 pounds in a 4-week cycle and drop your body fat percentage on the lower side.

Regardless, the results are amazing. The numbers only scratch the surface of the transformation you can go through by cycling SARMS. Vascularity, definition, strength, and recovery are some of the many areas that numbers can not measure

How fast do SARMS work?

How long can you run a SARM cycle?

SD Matrix recommends a 4-week cycle to maintain an optimal balance between health and results. Normally, SARMS do not require post cycle therapy. However, it’s always beneficial to couple your cycle with a liver supplement like Advanced Liver Support (ALS). Its powerful formula helps get rid of toxic materials in the liver. Taking ALS will also take some stress off your liver and make it healthier, conditioning it to more cycles in the future.

Do SARMS speed up recovery?

Yes. SARMS do accelerate recovery. They increase muscle endurance and bone density too. Some SARMS are better at it than the others, but overall you can expect much quicker recovery periods while cycling SARMS. While it’s tough to determine which SARM has the fastest recovery, the word is LGD-4033 has the quickest recovery.

How fast do SARMS work compared to other supplement classes?

The least strongest SARM will give you better results than any protein supplement. Of course, by that measure, strong SARMS like RAD-140 will be no comparison. On the other hand, most prohormones are stronger than most SARMS. For example, Trenavar is more potent than RAD-140. On the other hand, RAD-140 is more selective and relatively light on the body. Regardless, both these classes of supplements will completely transform you within weeks if you put in the reps.

Where can I find authentic SARMS?

You can find most top SARMS at SD Matrix. SD Matrix has also launched a subscription service for seasoned SARMS users, worth checking out. All the products are authentic in every detail and come with an ironclad money-back guarantee. If you need help with finding the best product for you, you can contact us here.

Conclusion: how fast do SARMS work

Conclusively, SARMS work at a very rapid rate. You will get remarkable results if you follow all the protocols, such as eating right, working hard in the gym, and being smart with your workouts. At the end of the day, SARMS are no silver bullet. Many inexperienced people think that just gobbling down a bunch of pills will magically add 10 to 15 pounds of muscle to their frame and make them a mass monster. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. SARMS only amplify results and accelerate the process. However, if you stay disciplined throughout your cycle, you will be surprised by the effectiveness of these supplements since they’re that good!