The basics to build muscles quickly

There’s no doubt that building muscles require lots of discipline. It’s a journey that demands a complete change of lifestyle. And while the journey can be an unforgiving one, its rewards are what makes it worthwhile. Having said that, some hacks can accelerate your progress and can help you pack on more muscle with the same amount of effort. But, before discovering how to build muscles quickly, it is essential to understand what transpires the human body to build muscles.

The human body builds muscles through a process known as muscle hypertrophy. For the process to occur, it is essential to challenge the muscles repeatedly with resistance training. When muscles are pushed to their limits regularly, they adapt and grow in size and strength. Here’s how you can build muscles quickly.

Decrease your rest intervalsHow to build muscles quickly

It’s a common practice to take extended rests between sets which damages the muscle pump. Sure, it’s a great way to pump your numbers, but not the best route to build muscles quickly. Research suggests a rest of 30-90 seconds to boost growth hormones and testosterone. Also, a short rest will maintain your muscle pump. The best way to ensure short rest intervals is to time them.

Measure your carbs intake if you want to build muscles quickly

One of the biggest mistakes that gym-goers commit while building muscles is ignoring carbs. While it’s true that carbs do not increase muscle mass, they are the most readily convertible nutrients and can provide the body with an instant energy burst. However, they should not be consumed excessively. Consuming excess carbohydrates can ruin your efforts to gain muscle mass quickly. The goal should always be to consume a well-balanced diet according to your body weight and goals.

Drink water regularly

Dehydration can cause an imbalance of salts in the body which can then translate into muscle fatigue. Also, it taxes your ability to lift weights. Research suggests drinking water every 15 minutes during workouts to keep your body hydrated. In addition, drinking water regularly also assists in protein synthesis that is vital if you want to build muscles quickly.

Healthy sleep, healthy body

Healthy sleep is essential for building muscles. That is, because the human body generally repairs muscles while sleeping. Sleep also induces growth hormones which boosts metabolism and accelerates muscle growth. Inadequate sleep not only hinders muscle growth but also decreases existing muscle mass. Experts recommend 7-9 hours of sleep for efficient muscle recovery.

Eat healthy even while recovering

It is a common mistake to eat less on off days or during the recovery phase. Though it’s alright to cut on carbs on rest days, reducing your protein intake will impede the process of increasing muscle mass. During rest, the body repairs muscle fibers which results in the tissue healing and growing. For this, the body needs nutrients, and eating less will not help the case.

Don’t lose motivation

Before you even sign your gym membership form, it is essential to understand why you’re doing it in the first place. Gym owners receive tons of applications on new year’s eve as part of new year resolutions. However, only a few applicants show up the next day and put in the work needed. Research suggests that writing down your goals and evaluating your progress can improve the probability of your success significantly.

Don’t skip breakfast if you want to build muscles quickly

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast will not only give you an instant energy burst but will also set a rhythm for a more productive day. It will also save you from mid-afternoon cravings that are bound to spoil your efforts. Here are some of the best breakfast options to help you in your journey:

  • Greek yogurt with nuts and berries
  • Smoothies
  • Eggs and avocado toast
  • Chicken omelets

Support your journey with supplements

Taking supplements is one of the most effective ways to speed up the process of building muscles. Supplements fulfill the nutritional needs of the body, which otherwise might get neglected. Also, don’t get surprised if you’re able to lift heavier and put in additional reps. Supplements tend to provide energy bursts that can elevate your performance in the gym and outside of it.

Conclusion to build muscles quickly

To sum up, there’s no “secret path” to build muscles quickly. It is a path that requires discipline, perseverance, and determination. There’s no other way around it except to grind it out daily in the gym. However, if you want to achieve your goals a whole lot faster, don’t forget to check out the SD Matrix bodybuilding supplement. SD Matrix is widely considered by many as the most powerful bodybuilding supplement and can be your best friend in gaining extra pounds of muscles while shedding excess fat.

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