How to get rid of love handles?

“Love handles” is probably the most misleading word in gym slang. There’s nothing about them to love. Instead, this stubborn hanging fat is hated by men of all ages. Love handles, also commonly known as muffin tops, refer to the excess fat on both sides of the waist. Here are some of the most effective tips so you know how to get rid of love handles.

Stay hydrated

The benefits of staying hydrated are endless. Drinking water regularly throughout your day will help you suppress your appetite, boost your metabolism, and make your sessions in the gym a lot more efficient. Along with helping your body burn stores of fats, water also cleans toxins out of the body. A glass of lukewarm water early in the morning can also go a long way in helping you get rid of love handles.

Also, when you feel thirsty, it’s almost natural to crave a sugary drink to quench your thirst. Sweet beverages hurt you in more ways than one. Apart from inducing hunger, sugar is also one of the most inefficient sources of carbs. It’s high in calories, and therefore consuming such drinks will make it hard for you to create a calorie deficit. 

How to get rid of love handles?Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol has long been linked with several health issues, including obesity. Consuming alcohol raises body fat percentage along with inducing hunger. Most alcoholic beverages are loaded with sugars and can waste your efforts easily. And that’s only the tip of the spear, given the impact heavy drinking can have on your liver. Unfortunately, if you want to lighten your love flaps, you will have to sacrifice one for another.

Consume more fiber to get rid of love handles

Consuming a fiber-rich diet can help you get rid of your love handles a lot quicker. Apart from being low on calories, fiber is also very filling and has proven to reduce appetite. According to a study, increasing just 10 grams of soluble fiber in diet can decrease fat percentage by 3.7%. Also, fiber soaks up water in the intestine, decelerating the absorption of nutrients. However, there are different types of fibers, and if you want to get rid of love handles, it’s best to stick to soluble fibers like spinach.

Eat clean to be lean 

Eating clean is by far the most critical component of getting rid of love handles. There’s no replacement for eating clean, and if you also want a perfectly toned waist, you will have to follow the rules. Apart from consuming fiber-rich diet, you will also need to keep an eye on your carbs intake. Get your carbs from healthy sources such as sweet potatoes, oats and brown rice. Also, if you want to go the extra mile, drink green tea to boost your metabolism. 

In addition, if you’re not consuming enough proteins, increase your protein intake. Apart from keeping your calories down, proteins also help in building muscles. High-quality protein sources include nuts, fish, seeds, red meat and more.

Can’t get rid of love handles without working your abs off

In most men, the abdomen is the first place where fats start to accumulate and the last place to dissipate. And therefore, you will need to work hard to get rid of them. With that being said, some training methods are more effective than others and require more effort, like HIIT(high-intensity-interval-training). Experts recommend HIIT as the fastest means to tone your body and lose excess hanging fat, such as love handles. Implementing HIIT interval core workouts can get you your desired results quickly. Here are some of the best exercises you can incorporate in your training to get quick results:

  • Mountain climbers
  • Side planks
  • Abdominal scissors.

Don’t stress, take rest

As heartless as it may sound, but if you’ve been stressing out lately, it will be a tad harder for you to get rid of love handles. Stressing out elevates cortisol levels which leads to an increase in appetite and ultimately weight gain. Also, according to some researches, fat gained through elevated cortisol levels is stored in the abdominal section of the body. Here are some of the ways you can relieve your stress:

  • Spend more time with your loved ones;
  • Try to avoid procrastination;
  • Take out some time for yourself and do things that you love.

Eat mindfully while keeping love handles in mind

Mindful eating is the practice of eating food while paying attention to each bite and focusing on the experience. It involves eating slowly, without distraction, while feeling the effects of each bite on your appetite. Mindful eating has many benefits, with the most prominent being eating less. Plus, it also helps in keeping the count of your calories. 

Conclusion: how to get rid of love handles

All in all, being able to get rid of love handles can be challenging. Also, the results are not always directly proportional to the efforts you put in. Many other factors play a significant role, such as body type. Regardless, if you genuinely have an unstoppable drive, you will eventually get rid of love handles.

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