Pct liver support

Whether you’re a seasoned prohormone user or have just dipped your toes in the performance-enhancing drug (PED) world, you would’ve heard about liver support. Specifically, liver supplements that are taken after the cycle is over, during post cyle therapy (pct). In this blog, we’ll pull back the curtain on their importance and the best pct liver support you can take. But before that, it is essential to understand the science behind post cycle therapy.

What is post cycle therapy?

Post cycle therapy refers to the recovery period after a steroids or prohormones’ cycle. During this period, certain supplements are taken to reinstate the body’s natural testosterone levels and, ideally, a pct liver support supplement to detox the liver. This period also serves as a “break” for the body and prepares it for another cycle. Because prohormones and steroids can be hepatoxic, experts strongly recommend a pct liver support to protect the liver.

How do pct liver support supplements work?

Pct liver support supplements work by eliminating all the toxic waste stored in the liver from years of liver-toxic activities, for example, drinking alcohol. Most pct liver support supplements contain TUDCA, which is an ancient therapeutic compound in traditional Chinese medicine. It helps the waste flow from the liver to the duodenum, which is then excreted. Put simply, TUDCA helps detoxify the liver, which is big because it helps protect the long-term health of the liver – one of the biggest concerns of PED users who want to build muscles and lose fat fast.

pct liver support

Does pct liver support work?

These are basically two different questions so let’s break them down. The first is if there’s any evidence of TUDCA having liver-healing properties. So for that, yes. Studies have proved that TUDCA can improve the outcome of cholestatic liver diseases and help protect the liver’s long-term health. In fact, TUDCA has been shown to increase bile flow by as much as 250 percent in some cases. 

The second part of the question is if pct liver support works. As far as that is concerned, it depends on the pct liver support you take. The supplement world is marred by fake and replicas and pct liver support is no different. One of the ways you can ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for is to always look at the TUDCA content on the label. 

The best pct liver supports have a high concentration of TUDCA in them, like Advanced Liver Support (ALS). ALS has a staggering 200mg of TUDCA per capsule. So that every user that takes ALS is able to promote their liver’s health. Besides, if you’ve been following SD Matrix for any length of time, you would know SD Matrix doesn’t cut any corners. The secret behind its meteoric rise in such a short period.

pct liver support

How to promote your liver’s health naturally?

Apart from taking liver support, there are some additional steps that you can take to promote your liver’s health. Firstly, try maintaining a healthy weight even in your off-season. Excess fat in the body can lead to a fatty liver, which, of course, can be dangerous. Secondly, stay away from toxins as they injure liver cells. This includes aerosol products, insecticides, and other chemicals. Whenever exposed to such an environment, wear a mask to minimize the exposure. Lastly, add cardio into your routine as it’s very effective in burning excess fat. Apart from helping you maintain a healthy weight, it’ll also burn excess fat in the liver.

Which foods support liver function?

It’s hard to single out one food source you could specifically take to improve liver function. That is because eating a balanced diet is the best way to keep your liver healthy. That said, having foods rich in fiber with unsaturated fats can help. Other foods include berries, grapes, and beans. Plus, keep yourself hydrated, and while taking beverages, choose the ones that have antioxidant properties, such as tea and coffee.

Also, there are a ton of foods that affect the liver adversely. The biggest being alcohol. It’s the same reason you shouldn’t drink alcohol while cycling PEDs. Alcohol is very hard on the liver and one of the biggest reasons for liver failure. Other foods that are not too harsh but will be beneficial to avoid include deep-fried items and sugary beverages.

pct liver support

Do SARMS require pct liver support?

Speaking from potency’s pov, lighter SARMS like Ostarine don’t require liver support when consumed in low dosages. Though, of course, it will be beneficial if you take one. For the more potent ones like RAD-140, you should take liver support. It will preserve your liver’s long-term health. 

Most cases of liver problems arising from SARMS usually are cases of prolonged use, and in that case, liver support becomes an absolute requirement. But you should be fine without liver support if you’re cycling light SARMS in moderate doses while taking ample breaks between cycles.

Where to find pct liver support?

You can get the best pct liver support at SD Matrix. As discussed above, ALS covers all the bases of an incredible pct liver support and would be very helpful in cleansing your liver and preserving its long-term health. Plus, you can also get ALS as a stack with SD Matrix’s premium testosterone booster: T Matrix Testo Booster. T Matrix Testo Booster is extremely effective in helping the body reinstate it’s natural testosterone levels. One of the reasons why it’s widely considered UK’s #1 testosterone booster. You can snag them as a stack here.

pct liver support

Conclusion: pct liver support

Conclusively, pct liver support is an essential part of anyone’s life who wants to cycle PEDs while preserving their liver’s health. Some classes of supplements are more taxing on the liver than the others. Which is why, in some cases, taking pct liver support is not a choice but a requirement. That said, it also depends on other factors, such as the quality of supplements, the ingredients, and the dose you are taking. If you still need help regarding pct liver support, reach us out here, and we’ll be happy to guide you.