SD Matrix 4 Stack PCT & ALS


Restore your Liver with TUDCA after your cycle with this stack

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SD Matrix Stack with PCT & ALS with TUDCA

After taking your 8 week Cycle of SD Matrix then your (PCT) post Cycle Therapy for 4 weeks

on the beginning of week 9 Take TUDCA to restore the liver see TUDCA benefits below

Liver Support Supplement

5 Key Benefits of Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid (TUDCA) Supplements
written by: EyesOnly

If you have a keen eye for supplements, then it’s highly
likely you’ve heard, or come across Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, also known as
TUDCA. But what is it? TUDCA is a bile acid occurring naturally in the body,
and in form of sodium salt. Thus, many will also refer to it as a bile salt.
TUDCA is a water-soluble salt, which is often overlooked, but has recently
received a lot of attention because of its numerous health benefits. While
other bile salts have the potential to build up and damage liver cells,
water-soluble ones, such as TUDCA, deter the destruction. Today, a chemical version of the compound
can be formulated in the labs as a supplement, which you can stack with others and safeguard your physical and mental health. Below are 5 ways in which
Tauroursodeoxycholic Acid (TUDCA) can benefit your health.

  1. Preventing Liver Damage

Compared to milk thistle, TUDCA is more effective in
protecting the liver, and possibly reversing any damage already happening on it.

The supplement works by supporting the flow of bile, which in turn,
reverses the action of toxic metabolites, which have the potential to harm your liver.

TUDCA has also been linked with the reduction of endoplasmic
reticulum (ER) stress. ER is a cell organelle that is resourceful in folding
proteins. When TUDCA reduces ER stress, the body reaps additional benefits,
especially linked to metabolism, such as reduction of insulin resistance and prevention
of diabetes.

  1. Cholesterol Reduction

If you constantly worry about harmful cholesterol buildup in
your body, TUDCA is the solution for you. Harmful liver cholesterol can lead to
the formation of gallstones. Bile acids are able to dissolve these gallstones
to the extent of being removed from the body through urine, naturally.

UDCA, the bile acid that undergoes metabolism and Taurine
molecule binding to become TUDCA, assists that digestive process by breaking down
cholesterol. In fact, TUDCA is an FDA-approved treatment drug for liver
cirrhosis. It is also an active agent in reducing liver enzymes and jaundice.

  1. Eye Protection

For over 3000 years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has
used bear bile, a natural source of tauroursodeoxycholic acid, to treat many
visual disorders. TUDCA’s powerful antioxidant properties protect your brain
and eyes nerves. The health of your eyes is also linked to that of the liver. Thus,
when TUDCA improves liver function, the same benefits are extended to the eyes.
Studies are ongoing on the possible treatment of retinitis pigmentosa using

  1. Improves Brain Health Through Neuroprotection

A lot of research has gone into studying how TUDCA affects
the brain. According to findings, the acid can benefit you by deterring neuron degenerationin the brain.

Memory loss is a common occurrence in aging people. Synaptic toxicity
is an adverse condition that accompanies this kind of memory loss. TUDCA can
help reduce the toxicity thus countering some of its negative effects.

  1. Aids In Burning Fats

The TUDCA supplement can also help you burn fats more efficiently
thus promoting weight loss and preventing uncontrolled weight gain. It does
this by boosting the conversion of T3 thyroid hormones to their T4 equivalent. This
leads to an increase in metabolism, and most importantly, helps in shifting the
main energy source of your body from glucose the oxidation of fat. With TUDCA, you’ll
gradually cease to worry about excess body fat.