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SD Matrix Stack with PCT & ALS

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  • SD Matrix: 60 capsules – 1 month supply
  • FREE Matrix Milk: 60 capsules – 1 month supply
  • T Matrix: 60 capsules – 1 month supply
  • ALS: 60 capsules – 1 month supply
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SD Matrix is a powerful bodybuilding supplement that we specifically designed to help you gain muscle mass in the quickest time possible. It does this by increasing your testosterone levels similar to that of prohibited steroids. For this reason, many consider it to be the best legal bodybuilding supplement available on the market today.

What’s great about SD Matrix is that it fits perfectly with your normal routine. It takes care of everything while you go through your day. You don’t have to change anything. Nevertheless, when you start working out, you will soon feel the effects right away. First, you will tear through your workout routine like there’s no tomorrow. Moreover, you’ll notice an increase in stamina in such a way that you may even want to tone down your energy. In just a few weeks’ time, you will start seeing results. That muscle mass and that cut you’ve been looking for will start to show.

Now you receive a free bottle of Matrix Milk with SD Matrix. Matrix Milk contains pure milk thistle extract. This perfectly complements SD Matrix and helps to protect your liver.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is a very important part of taking prohormones. Basically, after taking prohormones for thirty days your testosterone levels will be elevated. Consequently, your body slows down making its own testosterone. When you reach the end of your prohormones cycle, your body dips in testosterone levels and its estrogen production increases. Therefore, we recommend taking a testosterone booster/ estrogen blocker for a month until the body resets itself. Simply take two T Matrix capsules per day: one in the morning and one in the evening.

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