Your ideal supplement schedule in 3 steps

Your ideal supplement schedule will consist of three steps. You will start with one month of prohormones. After that first month, it is time for a two-month post-cycle therapy. The post-cycle therapy is split up in two steps on its own. The first month of post-cycle therapy is reserved for getting your natural testosterone production back on track by using a testosterone booster. The second month of post-cycle therapy is focused on cleansing out your liver by using liver support.

We’ll now dive deeper in each of these steps.

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First step of your ideal supplement schedule: prohormones

Your ideal supplement schedule starts with using prohormones. Prohormones are the supplements that actually help you to build muscle. Prohormones work, as their name suggest, by being a precursor for the body to trigger it to make more hormones. These hormones are more specifically testosterone hormones.

Prohormones are an improved type of supplements compared to anabolic steroids. The reason is that prohormones are much safer than anabolic steroids and come with less to none side-effects if the right schedule is applied.

There are various types of prohormones. Amongst the most popular prohormones are Boladrol, Methylstenbolone, Trenavar, Epistane, Superdrol and Masterdrol. You can find more information on each of these prohormones by simply clicking on the links included.

Apart from these more traditional prohormones we created our own type of prohormone supplements. The first one is our landmark product SD Matrix. The second product, which is even more potent than SD Matrix, is Matrix Black. You can again find all specs and details by just hitting the link.

Regarding the timing of taking your supplements, we recommend you take one with breakfast and one with dinner. As you will get 60 capsules in a bottle this will last for thirty days.

Second step of your ideal supplement schedule: post-cycle therapy

The first part of our three step schedule is the one where most of your gains are made. However, the second part is evenly if not more important than the first one. The post-cycle therapy will enable you to take care of your body and in this way make sure your gains are sustainable and not harming your body.

Post-cycle therapy will take two months and is in its turn divided up into two one month periods. During the first month you will be using a testosterone booster. During the second month you will go for liver support. We’ll discuss the details for each of these months below.

Testosterone booster

The first month of post-cycle therapy is reserved for boosting your natural testosterone production. When using prohormones they elevate your testosterone levels in a synthetic way. Therefore, when you are on prohormones, your natural testosterone production will lower in order to compensate for this.

Once you stop using the prohormones after the first month, your natural testosterone production will still be at low levels. In order to address this as quickly as possible, you should use a testosterone booster. The testosterone booster will trigger your body to elevate its natural testosterone production again so it gets back to normal levels. This is important to avoid side-effects and to at the same time preserve the gains you made while on your prohormones cycle.

The schedule is the same as for the prohormones: take one capsule with breakfast and one with dinner.

We recommend going for T Matrix Testo Booster as your testo booster.

Liver support

The third and final month of your full cycle is reserved for liver support.

Taking supplements can be hard on your liver that’s why we also tell you to avoid toxic substances (e.g. alcohol) as much as possible when using supplements. However, even if you do that, it is adviced to use a liver support product in your third month. This will help cleanse out any toxic matters from your liver.

For your information, even if you are not on supplements, using some liver support from time to time is a good idea.

The schedule is the same as always: take one capsule with breakfast and one with dinner.

We recommend advanced liver support or you can immediately get the package with our testo booster.

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Conclusion: your ideal supplement schedule

When using supplements it is important that you don’t go freewheeling. Instead you should stick to the right schedule. When you are using prohormones, this schedule consists of one month taking the actual supplements and two months of post-cycle therapy. The prohormones will enable you to gain more muscles. The testo booster will make sure your preserve your gains and avoid side effects. The liver support, finally, will make sure your body can handle all of these products and you won’t cause any long term harm to your body.