Why use Matrix Black?

Looking to burn fat? Want to quickly gain muscle mass in the shortest amount of time? Have you been going to gym and still not seeing any results from your training? Do you end up feeling tired and exhausted instead of pumped up? In this case, Matrix Black is the product for you.

For many of us, burning fat and gaining muscle mass isn’t that easy because it takes time and effort. For some, you have been going to the gym for years and not seeing any changes at all.

Bodybuilders like to use it to wrap up a pre-contest cut cycle. Strength athletes like to use it to break through a plateau since strength gains are relatively high. Major strength and size gains are normal.

What is it?

Matrix Black is a blend of Superdrol and Trenavar. For this reason it is the most effective prohormone available to date.

How does it work?

The secret is in the prohormones found in the formula of Matrix Black. Prohormones act as a precursor to testosterone and other hormones. Yet, unlike steroids, it uses the enzymes in our bodies to be activated so it’s completely safe and natural. Once the prohormones are activated with the enzymes, it changes into anabolic hormones. As a result, they then promote the production of testosterone so that you can increase your muscle mass in just a matter of weeks.

Prohormones are widely used by both amateur and professional athletes. They are a favorite of muscle builders as they promote a quick increase in muscle mass in the shortest time possible. Your body will be ripped in no time. In one month time, you’ll appear bigger, stronger and with more energy. Together with a solid workout plan and proper nutrition, you will be able to achieve the definitions you have been looking for.

Because our product is so strong and pure, we recommend post cycle therapy.


The benefits of Matrix include amongst others:

  • Fat loss: many engage in bodybuilding because of the accelerated reduction of fat tissues in the body. Since this type of prohormone is excellent in raising body temperature and promoting faster metabolism, you can expect to lose more fat in a shorter time frame.
  • Increased vascularity: while you can achieve vascularity through engaging in blood flow and traditional resistance training, taking prohormones like Trenavar also does the trick.
  • Stronger and more powerful muscles: many bodybuilders do not only aim to gain more muscles. Most engage in bodybuilding exercises to strengthen their muscle tissues.
  • Better blood flow: a healthy blood circulation ensures the fast growth of muscles. Waste materials and nutrients are transported efficiently through the veins, arteries and capillaries.
  • Enhanced male characteristics: this hormone is more androgenic than the naturally-occurring testosterone. As a consequence, you can expect your voice to deepen, facial hair to grow thick and your face to turn oilier than usual. If you are a female, you can also see how the prohormone changes your body’s physical appearance within days.

Why buy from SDMatrix.net?

There is no other brand on the market that comes close. Whether you are young or old, we will make your dreams of a ripped, defined body into a reality in no time. You will hardly be able to recognize who you are! Don’t loose any more time!