Ostarine vs RAD-140

Ostarine (MK-2866) and RAD-140 (testostelone) are two incredibly popular SARMS widely used for cutting and bulking. While many consider RAD-140 as the UK’s most popular supplement, Ostarine is an icon in bodybuilding and athletic circles. Many users wonder how they both stack up against each other, given their vast popularity. However, before diving deeper into Ostarine vs RAD-140, it is essential to understand how these SARMS work.

How do Ostarine and RAD-140 work?

One of the reasons why Ostarine and RAD-140 are so in-demand is their selective nature. When anabolic steroids enter the body, they bind with all the androgen receptors. However, when SARMS enter the body, they only bind with androgen receptors in the muscle tissues.

While anabolic steroids have an anabolic to androgenic ratio of 100:100, RAD-140 has a ratio of 90:1. In contrast, Ostarine has a ratio of 10:1, which is less than RAD-140 but still excellent. In addition, Ostarine and RAD-140 do not aromatize, meaning they do not convert into estrogen. This results in no estrogen-related side effects such as gynecomastia (male breast) and loss of libido. In fact, you’re likely to experience increased libido during your cycle.

Ostarine vs RAD-140: origins

Ostarine first busted on the scene when medical professionals discovered its effectiveness against osteoporosis. This condition causes the bones to become so weak that even coughing can lead to a mild fracture. On the other hand, RAD-140 was first used as an oral contraceptive and is currently being investigated for the treatment of conditions, such as muscle-wasting. These benefits are also carried in the bodybuilding world, as you will see later.

Ostarine vs RAD-140: uses

RAD-140 is a supplement that can give you the best of both cutting and bulking. Ostarine is more inclined towards cutting but can also be used for bulking. Cycling Ostarine and RAD-140 should not result in any side effects. Both SARMS are light on the body, especially Ostarine. It is worth noting that RAD-140 is primarily used for bulking, strength gains, and breaking plateaus.

While it is debatable which supplement is more well-rounded, users of both supplements cast their vote in favor of Ostarine. As far as raw potency is concerned, RAD-140 is the better of the two and quite possibly the most potent SARM to date. Having said that, Ostarine caters to a broader range of users, and even women can use it without stressing over any side effects since there are none for both the genders when used responsibly.

Ostarine vs RAD-140: results

For bulking, there is no better SARM than RAD-140. Users can expect to gain around 10-12 lbs of lean muscle mass in a 4-week cycle. In contrast, cycling Ostarine for bulking can help you gain 5-7lbs of muscle during the same period. While cycling RAD-140, users have a higher appetite, a key factor for bulking.

Conversely, Ostarine is the better pick when it comes to cutting. Ostarine has made its name because of how easily it gets rid of fat. It’s probably the best pick of all SARMS for cutting. Another major factor that separates them for cutting is water retention. Ostarine has lower water retention than RAD-140 and therefore is the superior supplement for cutting.

Ostarine vs RAD-140: overall experience

The overall experience of cycling both these supplements is up with the very best. Users can cycle such powerful compounds without sweating over their side effects, making both desirable options. Many users wonder if Ostarine and RAD-140 require post cycle therapy. Because both these supplements do not result in any side effects, they do not require post cycle therapy.

Plus, it’s important to avoid activities that tax the liver, such as drinking alcohol. Cycling RAD-140 or Ostarine alone will not distress your liver. However, topping your cycle with liver-straining activities like drinking can be a bit too much for your liver.

While cycling SARMS, staying away from unhealthy fats is essential. It is important to remain disciplined and consume a high-protein diet, especially in the case of RAD-140. Many users report cravings for sugary fluids and unhealthy junk food while cycling RAD-140. However, if you want to have a ripped physique, you will have to give up on your cravings.

Better aesthetics

Even though both supplements give great results in terms of aesthetics, Ostarine has a more natural and ripped look. RAD-140 levels the playing field with quicker results. In either case, you don’t need freakish genes to have a perfect aesthetic body. Ostarine and RAD-140 are both potent enough to transform you within weeks.

Ostarine vs RAD-140

How long do RAD-140 and Ostarine stay in the system?

Most SARMS have a half-life of around 24 hours. Depending on your dose, both RAD-140 and Ostarine are detectable through the urine for 8-10 days. There are many other factors at play, too, for example, the type of test. 

Where to find authentic RAD-140 and Ostarine?

You can find authentic RAD-140 (Radical) and Ostarine (Ostarine) at SD Matrix. SD matrix oversees the production of all its products itself to ensure that each product you receive has passed through strict quality standards. It’s one of the reasons why SD Matrix has such raving reviews from happy customers. Plus, all of SD Matrix’s products come with a gentleman’s money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: Ostarine vs RAD-140

Conclusively, both these supplements are worth their salt. If you want to cut fat quickly, you should opt for Ostarine. However, if you want to feel stronger and get bigger than you’ve ever been before, then RAD-140 will be the best pick amongst all SARMS. At the end of the day, both are top-of-the-line supplements that have transformed countless individuals.