PCT for prohormones

What is PCT?

In simple words, post cycle therapy or PCT is the process of reinstating the body’s natural testosterone production after a cycle of prohormones or any other performance-enhancing drug (PED). Prohormones raise the body’s testosterone levels. Because of this increment, the body’s natural testosterone production decreases since there is ample testosterone in the body. However, after the cycle is over, the testosterone levels slump, and because of the body’s diminished production, the body’s natural levels decline. PCT bridges this gap by helping the body restore its testosterone production. Let’s dive deeper into why PCT for prohormones something you need to know about.

Why is PCT for prohormones important?

PCT is vital for many reasons. PCT balances the body’s testosterone levels, which can take extended periods to recover without PCT. If you don’t do PCT, there’s a strong probability you will lose your gains since the body will not maintain them. On top of that, you might also start experiencing side effects stemming from low testosterone levels, such as low libido.

How does PCT for prohormones work?

PCT includes a testosterone booster course that you must diligently follow after your cycle is over. Many users wonder how much they should train during PCT. While it’s hard to quantify the intensity, it should be less than what it was while cycling prohormones. You may cut some reps to avoid the risk of overtraining, as an injury in this period will almost always result in losing most of your gains. Plus, the body is recovering, so you can not push your limits as you did while cycling prohormones. 

To make the best out of this situation, you can go from high-rep low weight workouts during your prohormones cycle to low-rep high-weight workouts during PCT. It’s worth noting that you should not stop working out altogether. Instead, you need to meet in the middle by balancing your workouts without stressing your body too much.

What’s the best PCT for prohormones?

SD Matrix strongly recommends using an aggressive PCT supplement like the T Matrix Testo Booster. It is widely regarded as the UK’s best testosterone booster. Not only will it assist in reinstating your testosterone levels, but it will also help you keep the gains you gained after weeks of hard work. Given you’re taking the T Matrix Testo Booster, you should consume 1 capsule with breakfast in the morning and the other with dinner. The bottle comes with 60 capsules which is a month’s supply. 

Also, it’s worth noting that prohormones are taxing on the liver. To preserve your liver’s health, it would be in your best interest to support your cycle with a liver supplement like Advanced Liver Support (ALS). ALS contains TUDCA, a liver-detoxing agent. TUDCA helps in detoxifying the liver. Taking ALS enhances the overall health of the liver and removes any traces of cycling prohormones, rebounding it to its original state, if not better. 

Regardless of cycling prohormones or any other supplement, you can still take ALS to help your liver get rid of toxic detergents like alcohol. You can take ALS after your testosterone booster course, which would be the second month after your prohormone cycle. 

Both these products are available together in the PCT stack. For the first month after your prohormones cycle, you can take T Matrix Testo Booster, and then you can follow it up with ALS in the second month. Both these products tick all the boxes of a bold PCT stack.


Pct for prohormones

When should you start PCT for prohormones?

You should start PCT immediately after completing your cycle. While the length of PCT can vary depending on the supplement, most PCTs last for 4 weeks. SD Matrix recommends taking a 2-month break before starting your next cycle. In the second month of your break, SD Matrix recommends taking a liver supplement like ALS.

How long does it take for testosterone levels to recover after the cycle?

As with many other situations, it depends. But as a general rule of thumb, you can expect your testosterone levels to normalize within the first 1-3 months after your cycle, given you have followed all the protocols. 

Overall experience and other considerations

Since every individual has a different tolerance to PEDs, the experience varies too. Usually, the experience is very smooth, especially if you’re taking the T Matrix Testo Booster. Sometimes estrogen-related side effects can appear depending on the prohormone you cycled. Most of SD Matrix’s products have none or minimal side effects, so if you’ve cycled any of SD Matrix’s products, there’s a strong chance that you wouldn’t experience any side effects. Also, sometimes, the PCT period depends on various factors such as your body’s response, suppression, the compound you’ve cycled, and genetic programming.

Lastly, it’s essential to practice good habits that promote testosterone production during your PCT for prohormones, such as sleeping well. Consuming foods rich in zinc and vitamin D, such as tuna, egg yolks, cereals, and beans, are also proven to naturally improve testosterone levels in men. In addition, restrict fat and alcohol for a healthy liver.

Conclusion: PCT for prohormones

Conclusively, doing PCT for prohormones is not a choice but a requirement. You cannot skip it if you want to have a healthy liver, keep your gains, and dodge estrogen-related side effects. Even Epistane, a very kind prohormone, requires PCT and liver support. However, you can skip both for some SARMS, such as Ostarine

While doing PCT for prohormones, you should stay disciplined and avoid unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol and eating junk food. Cycling prohormones is just one-half of your entire journey. PCT completes the other half.