Steroids UK

Steroids have long been a taboo subject in the bodybuilding world, yet tens of millions of people take them for fast-tracking their results. Maybe, if you’ve been using performance-enhancing drugs, the thought of cycling them crossed your mind too. After all, how much damage could they do? Turns out a lot. However, before diving deeper into that, it is essential to understand what steroids exactly are to remove any doubts, misconceptions, and mix-ups.

What are steroids?

Steroids are artificial substances manufactured to imitate the male sex hormone testosterone. When they enter the body, they’re action-ready. The problem? They’re like a live wire and are uncontrolled. They attach to androgen receptors in the body without any distinction, which can result in a wide range of problems. But because testosterone has many functions, including a significant role in accelerating muscle growth, steroids appear to be an attractive option to many gym rats.

Steroids UK law

Steroids are classified as class C drugs in the UK. That means if you possess steroids, you won’t get fined. But if you get caught supplying, manufacturing, or exporting them without a license, you can face heavy fines and even imprisonment of upto 14 years. It’s essential to know that “supply” here can mean something as small as sharing them with your friends. In other words, the UK government is very strict about them.

Steroids UK

Steroids UK: medical uses

You can be prescribed steroids by doctors for medical conditions. Of course, that’s legal, as steroids do have medical uses. One example, doctors sometimes do prescribe steroids for swelling. But that’s because it’s a need and not a want. Doctors won’t prescribe steroids to a perfectly healthy male who wants to flaunt his body in the summer.

Steroids UK users

According to the BBC, steroids UK users are understated even after reports suggest they’re around 1 million. At least half of them use them for cosmetic or body image reasons. The number is staggering, considering the evil side effects steroids can result in. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common ones that plague gyms in the UK and their side effects.

Steroids UK

Why should you avoid steroids?

All steroids have unwanted side effects. General side effects include permanent infertility, hair loss, mood swings, etc. As you would know, people don’t just take steroids for muscle-building. They’re also taken for stamina, endurance, and recovery. One such steroid is EPO. Sure, it helps in all the areas mentioned but at the cost of increased risk of heart failure. It’s been responsible for many athletes’ death and is extremely dangerous. 

Another prevalent one is synthesised testosterone that is directly injected into muscles. Unlike EPO, it’s the most common in heavy bodybuilders. Prolonged use can result in acne on the back and shoulders, infertility, and even prostrate cancer. Roid rage is extremely common in its use. In simple words, it’s life-altering, and the damage is irreversible.

Then there are other steroids such as Nandrolone, Trenbolone (Tren), and Anadrol. All these steroids are more dangerous than what your liver and heart can handle. Plus, these can also damage your kidneys. In other words, if you’re a steroids UK user, you put your body at insane risk of organ failure. On top of all this, episodes of roid rage are also frequent.

If not steroids, then what?

It’s not rocket science to understand that steroids can do irreversible damage. So it’s a no-brainer that you should go for safer options even if you want to build muscles at breakneck speed. Speaking of which, prohormones are widely known as such, and the very reason for their existence is that they are the safer version of steroids.

Prohormones like Matrix Black and SD Matrix are as potent as steroids but do not result in even a fraction of the side effects that steroids result in. And that’s not all. Following up your cycle with an effective post cycle therapy will reinstate your testosterone levels to normal. 

Prohormones vs steroids UK market

Because in the UK, steroids are illegal, it’s very hard to get your hands on genuine steroids, so even if somehow you’ll manage it dodging the law, there’s no guarantee that the product you’re using is not a replica. Prohormones, on the other hand, have a huge demand, and if you buy from a verified brand, you will get what you paid for.

Steroids UK

Prohormones vs steroids UK results

Pound for pound, most steroids are more potent than most prohormones, so of course, the results with steroids would be more visible. That said, as mentioned above, some prohormones like Matrix Black and SD Matrix can even give steroids a run for their money. To put things into perspective, you can expect to gain around 18 pounds of rock-hard muscle while cycling Matrix Black, which is in the same ballpark as steroids. Except the side effects won’t be anywhere near. Now if you’re a steroids UK user, you have a choice, you can either get the same results as steroids with potentially little side effects, or you can keep damaging your body by cycling steroids.  

Where to buy prohormones in the UK?

You can buy most of the mainstream prohormones from SD Matrix along with SD Matrix’s flagship products like SD Matrix and Matrix Black. All of SD Matrix’s products come with an ironclad money-back guarantee, and SD Matrix stands behind its every claim. These products will transform you within weeks and will be pivotal in making you the best version of yourself.

Steroids UK

Conclusion: steroids UK

Conclusively, at this point, this might sound like a broken record, but unless prescribed by doctors, taking steroids is like playing with fire. The internet is filled with accounts of bodybuilders and athletes who died prematurely due to steroid abuse. And now, with much better and advanced supplements like SD Matrix and Matrix Black, there’s no point in going such a dangerous route to get the same results. That said, if you’re a steroids UK user or even reside of the UK and need help with choosing a product that will fit your needs, you can contact us here.