Prohormones before and after

By now, you probably know how prohormones are the better version of steroids, so in this blog, we wouldn’t bore you with that. Instead, this blog discovers prohormones’ before and after differences, including how much muscle mass you will gain, how much fat you can cut, etc. 

Prohormones before and after: expectations

For most people, the biggest attraction about cycling prohormones is the gains they’ll make. At this point, most supplement brands make absurd claims to get one up on other brands, which is why many supplement users nowadays have unrealistic expectations. But we’ll come clean here. On average, beginners with good genes can gain around 4-6 lbs of muscle using only protein supplements. The number is slightly lower for advanced lifters. That said, the numbers can vary a lot because of so many moving parts.


Enter prohormones, and you can 2-3x the number. Of course, prohormones before and after gains greatly depend on the prohormone you’re cycling, your dedication, and if the prohormone is genuine. But if you cover all the bases, you should be able to gain over 10 lbs of muscle easily by cycling lighter prohormones such as Epistane. On the higher end of the spectrum, prohormones like SD Matrix and Matrix Black can easily help you gain over 15 lbs of muscle in the same period. Just so you know, these prohormones are stronger than mainstream prohormones such as Superdrol.

Prohormones before and after

Prohormones before and after: side effects

Assuming your body is in tip-top condition, your body’s natural testosterone production will start decreasing during your cycle. That is because it will be getting testosterone from external sources. This can lead to some side effects such as lower sex drive, fatigue, and gynecomastia. Plus, after your cycle is over, some loss of gains is inevitable. How much? Well, that depends on your routine after your cycle is over. Extended lay-offs from the gym can cause you to lose your gains, but that’s the worst-case scenario. On the brighter side, you can maintain your gains and mute almost all the side effects significantly by doing a post cycle therapy (PCT). 

Prohormones before and after: testosterone levels

PCT helps reinstate the body’s natural testosterone levels which is the root of most side effects of cycling prohormones. This is why SD Matrix strongly recommends post cycle therapy immediately after your cycle is over. A potent post cycle therapy supplement like T Matrix Testo Booster will deliver the goods for you. Besides, the side effects that can appear largely depend on the prohormone you cycle. One example, you won’t have gynecomastia by cycling SD Matrix or Epistane, but the same cannot be said about Superdrol.

Prohormones before and after

Prohormones before and after: energy levels

Let’s be real here. If you do a 9-5 or put in insane working hours, your energy levels usually tank by mid-day. You might even feel fatigued and start getting through the motions. And on your way back, the thought of doing a skull-crushing workout might not get you too excited. Compare this scenario with what will happen after you cycle prohormones. You’ll practically be on beast mode 24/7. You’ll feel far more energetic and will be in proactive mode instead of reactive mode for the most part of the day. In a nutshell, there will be a huge difference in prohormones before and after energy levels.

Prohormones before and after: body fat percentage 

As far as dropping your body fat percentage is concerned, prohormones that are specialists for cutting could easily bring it down to single digits. It goes without saying that it also depends on your initial body fat percentage. But you can expect to lose tens of pounds in a 4-week cycle. Some of the best prohormones for cutting or losing weight overall are Epistane and SD Matrix. Both these prohormones are incredible in their own way. Epistane is lighter than SD Matrix, so of course, the results would be slightly slower. On the flip side, you can think of SD Matrix as an advanced version of Superdrol.

How to get the most out of your cycle

To get the most out of your cycle for cutting, you need to achieve a perfect balance between your training, diet, and low estrogen. Thankfully, both Epistane and SD Matrix do not aromatize, so if you cycle both these prohormones, you’ll be on the safer side. As for training, it is obvious that you do not want to sacrifice your gains in exchange for dropping your fat percentage, which is why it is recommended that you incorporate HIIT workouts into your training routine. Lastly, for diet, you should avoid fats and keep your carbs intake in check even more when cycling Epistane.

Following up on these guidelines will probably make you insanely shredded. To give you a glimpse of what that looks like, here’s an image of it:

Prohormones before and after

Prohormones before and after: aesthetics

Having a head-turning physique is one of every gym rat’s deepest desires. However, aesthetics hold a different meaning for everyone. For some, it’s being shredded to the core. For others, it’s having a perfectly sculpted V-shaped figure with a perfect balance of mass and being ripped. Here, it’s important to clarify that some prohormones are more suitable than others for specific results. That said, all prohormones will tone your physique. You will have much more improved vascularity along with fuller muscles.

Prohormones before and after

Conclusion: prohormones before and after

Conclusively, if you cycle a prohormone as potent as SD Matrix, you can expect to gain more than 15 pounds of muscle and significantly drop your body fat percentage in a 4-week cycle. Something that needs to be cleared is that prohormones are not magic capsules. Prohormones before and after results mainly depend on the elbow grease you put in. However, what can be assured is that cycling prohormones will accelerate your progress. In other words, prohormones are a catalyst. So with that being said, if you too want to gain muscles in weeks that most others will not be able to build in months, here’s SD Matrix’s collection of the finest prohormones.