Best muscle groups to work together

Like many, are you also guilty of occupying a vacant chest-press spot on a leg day? Because if you are, you might not be too glad to hear this, but that did more harm to your progress than good. And this is just a drop in the bucket of how things can go south if you don’t follow the rules.

Pairing the wrong muscle groups to train together is an unforgivable sin. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This blog will take you from the basics to the depths of pairing the best muscle groups to work together. So that all your efforts are pointed in the right direction and the returns are many times over. But before we dive deeper into the best muscle groups to work together, it’s vital to understand why working incompatible major muscle groups together is not a wise choice.

The answer to that is simple. When you give your all while working the first major muscle group, you won’t have much left in the tank to go all out in the others. You might even give up halfway through because you don’t have enough, and half-sets don’t cut it. This is why many experts recommend working on only one major muscle group per training session or pairing compatible muscle groups.

Best muscle groups to work together

To get the best results out of your workouts, you should target one or two major muscle groups with one minor muscle group. All these muscle groups should be closely linked to each other. Firstly, you could couple chest and shoulder, which are major muscle groups, with triceps. While working chest muscles, some weight is also distributed to the shoulders and the triceps, which means your shoulders and triceps are already going through light muscle hypertrophy even when you are not actively targetting them.

Another example could be hamstrings, quads and calves. When you’re working your hamstrings, your quads and calves are playing the supporting role. By working these muscle groups and not some other muscle group, you will see much better results. Lastly, you could pair back, biceps and abs too due to the same reasons.

Basically, the idea here is to work closely inter-connected muscles while maintaining the intensity of the workout. These combinations are not set in stone. You can divert from them if you want to, but the rules remain the same. So for example you could swap biceps with triceps on chest day, but not quads with triceps.

These are all examples for a 3-day gym week. They are applicable for 4-5 day gym weeks too. However, anything more and you might put yourself at the risk of burning out.

Lastly, the whole point of training connected muscle groups is to get you the best results possible. By not following up on it, you won’t shrink to skin and bones, but you won’t be efficient with your workouts. This can open another can of worms, for example, the risk of injuries.

Best muscle groups to work together

Full body workout vs split workout

While pairing the best muscle groups to work together, most people wonder where the full-body workout vs split workout debate fits in the scene. While there are many moving parts here, the single-most-important factor is how much time you can give. If you’re the type of person who can’t drop by the gym at least thrice every week, you should not do split workouts.

Instead, your focus should be on full-body workouts through exercises such as push-ups, squats, and sit-ups. That way, you’ll be able to train all the muscle groups and tone your body to look fit. Of course, the chances are you won’t get huge bulky arms, but you’ll get in shape.

Which muscle group should you workout first?

More often than not, the answer to such open-ended questions varies as much as the number of people you ask. You can start with training the major muscle groups first and then, as time goes on, every once in a while, switch to smaller muscle groups so that they are not neglected. It also depends on your goals. For example, if you have a thing for the diamond cut on the triceps, it would be enticing to work them first. But to be fair, the order is not as important as the effectiveness. As long as your form is correct, you shouldn’t stress about the order too much.

Conclusion: best muscle groups to work together

To make the most out of your workouts, you should work closely linked muscles. By laser-focusing on the best muscle groups to work together, you’ll be able to get bigger, stronger, and in shape much quicker. Plus, it’s also a great way to break plateaus if you’re already not doing split workouts.

Lastly, you can complement your workouts with a powerful supplement like SD Matrix for even better results. It’s one of the most potent supplements ever and could make you the best version of yourself at breakneck speed.