Tips to get insane arm strength

No muscle in the human body is representative of strength like arms. From strongman competitions to arm wrestling tournaments, strength in arms is imperative to win big. And while spending time in the gym will almost always give you a lead over an average Joe in terms of strength, training specifically for strength requires different practices. This blog discusses the best practices and tips to get insane arm strength. However, before discussing these tips to get insane arm strength, it is essential to debunk some myths surrounding the subject.

Does size equal strength?

Many people mix up the concept of size and strength. While it’d be inaccurate to rule out the connection between them completely, size does not necessarily translate into strength. If size equalled strength, any 230-pound man would outperform a 170-pound professional powerlifter. Size and strength are two different goals and require different training routines. However, as you will see, there is a middle ground where you can get the best of both. 

Tips to get insane arm strength

Use hand grippers: a pro tip to get insane arm strength

Hand grippers are one of the most underused equipment in the bodybuilding circuit. However, you will never come across an arm wrestler who doesn’t have a set of various hand grippers. Apart from equipping you with a super-tight grip, hand grippers also strengthen forearms and biceps. Increasing grip strength is an afterthought for most gym-goers, even when their grip exhausts before their muscles. Using hand grippers will lay a strong foundation to build arm strength and add extra reps to your sets.


As basic as push-ups may sound, there are not many exercises that can compete with push-ups in terms of building arm strength. Push-ups are not the ideal exercise for building size. However, they enhance the definition of biceps and triceps muscles. If basic push-ups take too long to pump your arms, there are a ton of other variations you can try. Regardless, if increasing arm strength is on the front burner of your mind, not many exercises are as effective as push-ups.

Trade-off weight with volume

Different gym instructors have a different combination of sets x reps. Some endorse a 3 x 12 count, while some suggest a 5 x 5. However, one of the best tips to get insane arm strength is to lower your rep count in exchange for higher weight or resistance. Working out with heavier weights will increase your arm strength more than working out with lighter weights. Also, while you’re at it, focus more on explosive exercises. 

High indurance interval training (HIIT)

If you’re someone who’s always short on time and struggle to allocate hours from your daily routine to your fitness regimen, HIIT is for you. Apart from giving you an instant pump, HIIT increases strength and explosivity like no other form of training. It’s one of those routines where you will not have to give up on shape for strength. You can have the best of both qualities in the shortest amount of time. However, HIIT is an incredibly challenging form of training where you need to cut down on your rest intervals and work out like a machine. Another benefit of HIIT is that it upskills the body to tolerate lactic acid build-up, resulting in a quicker recovery period.

tips to get insane arm strength

Contrast training

If HIIT is not your cup of tea, you can rely on contrast training. Contrast training is a form of training where you execute short heavy sets and follow them with bodyweight sets. Apart from increasing arm size and strength, contrast training also improves mind-muscle connection and gives instant results. However, make sure that your heavy sets are short, ideally in the range of 5-10 reps.

One of the best tips to get insane arm strength: use supplements

Using the right supplements can effortlessly spike your strength levels. Supplements like epistane can make you stronger, bigger, and leaner within a month. An added benefit of epistane is that it slows down baldness. Also, it’s important to complement your supplements with the right diet. These are some of the foods you should go heavy on during your strength-building phase:

  • Eggs
  • Wild Salmon
  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Lentils
  • Chickpeas.

Additionally, testosterone levels also have an impact on strength. You can read more about increasing testosterone levels here.

Conclusion: tips to get insane arm strength

Conclusively, if you want to increase your arm strength, follow the above tips to get insane arm strength. The human body reacts to every training routine differently, and if getting stronger is your goal, then your routine should reflect it. Also, it’s worth noting that progress in this area happens by degrees and not overnight. However, if you stay patient, soon you will absolutely smash your personal best. Additionally, if you’re going through a strength plateau, these tips to get insane arm strength can help you break that too. The key is to remain focused and disciplined.