Supplement mistakes that even the best make

Supplement mistakes are almost as common as supplements themselves. A study published recently showed that every 2 in 3 Americans take supplements. While supplements’ consumption is at an all-time high, so are the mistakes while using them. If you consume supplements regularly, this blog might be worth a read.

However, before discussing the common supplement mistakes, it is essential to understand the importance of using supplements.

Why use supplements

A study published recently showed that approximately 90% of people don’t get the recommended amount of vital nutrients from food alone. A big part of it is due to poor eating habits and harmful chemicals in food. In addition, with aging, the body’s ability to break down nutrients declines significantly, and therefore, using supplements becomes a necessity.

Compared to an average man, the needs of an athlete or a bodybuilder are on a different level. Exercise increases nutritional requirements, and it is imperative to take supplements for smooth growth and recovery.

Biggest supplement mistakes

One of the most common supplement mistakes: the more, the better

It is a common practice to overdose on supplements and consume more than the recommended amount. It might not always be dangerous, but regularly overdosing on supplements can result in several complications such as diarrhea, nausea, etc. The best practice is to always stick to the recommended dose.

Choosing quantity over quality

In the world of supplements, you get what you pay for. While a cheap fix might save you some extra bucks for a Starbucks Coffee, the result might differ from what you initially expected. Low-quality supplements often contain toxic fillers and binders that can be bad for your health and result in consequences such as kidney stones.

Purchasing supplements from random brands

It’s a prevalent mistake to purchase a supplement on the recommendation of your friend or trainer, and while it might not always be the wrong one, it never hurts to check the sourcing policy of the brand. A little research before buying your supplements always helps.  

Another common supplement mistake: not following guidelines

One of the biggest supplement mistakes that people make is not following guidelines set out by the supplement brands. It is imperative to stick to their instructions because they know their product better than you do. For example, some supplements work best on an empty stomach while some better with food. Some work best in combination, while some work best alone. Some can be used continuously, others only limited in time. The best manner is always to follow the instructions.

Some other supplement mistakes

Not doing enough exercise while taking supplementsSupplement mistake of not doing enough exercise.

While it’s true that without proper nutrition, it’s almost impossible to gain muscle or lose fat, it is worth noting that regular exercise is also as much important if not more. Good nourishment cannot replace physical activity. Muscle size increases through a process known as muscle hypertrophy. The process occurs when the fibers of muscles sustain damage. And for the fibers to get damaged, they need to get challenged through strength or weight training.

Even if you can’t leave the house, we have some exercises that can even be performed from your home.

Not taking rest: another one of common supplement mistakes

While some people commit the mistake of not doing enough exercise, some overdo it. Some people get so obsessed with their goals that they do not even take a rest. As determined as it may sound, it often backfires as the body does not get enough time to recover, and all their efforts go in vain. If you want to gain muscles, it is necessary to give your body time to recover from the wear and tear of strenuous training.

Final word on supplement mistakes: mixing it with prescription drugs

Even though it might not always be risky, it is better to inform your doctor about your supplement intake if on permanent medication. Sometimes, prescription drugs can interfere with the functions of supplements which can lead to health consequences. 


To conclude, there’s no doubt about the benefits of supplements. However, these benefits can quickly turn into disadvantages if consumed erroneously. The best practice is to only purchase from brands that are extra careful with their sourcing and are accountable for their products.

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