What are the side effects of prohormones?

What are prohormones?

Prohormones, in simple words, amplify the effect of existing hormones. They are also known as “light-steroids” or “designer steroids.” The intent behind consuming prohormones is to convert prohormones into active hormones. The enzymes in the body usually perform this conversion. When the body converts prohormones into active hormones, it produces an anabolic effect comparable to anabolic steroids. This conversion induces rapid muscle growth and an unprecedented increase in performance. However, prohormones are not magic capsules and can have side effects. But, before discussing the side effects of prohormones, it is imperative to understand how they work.

What do prohormones do to your body?

In layman’s terms, prohormones convert into anabolic hormones such as testosterone after they enter the body. This conversion amplifies the effects of anabolic hormones. It might seem a harmless process on the surface, but the consumption of prohormones can have side effects on a deeper level due to the altering of testosterone levels over time. Consumption of prohormones increases testosterone levels in the body periodically. However, after the cycle is over, the levels decline.    

What are the side effects of using prohormones?

The side effects of prohormones are, to a certain extent, similar to that of steroids. However, the effects are milder. Depending on genetics, dose, and the product you are using, you may encounter the following side effects.

  • Hair loss
  • Heart problems
  • Decreased testosterone production
  • Lower libido
  • Hypertension
  • Acne

Because prohormones raise testosterone levels, the endocrine system responds by decreasing testosterone production. The body gets used to receiving “external help” in the form of prohormones. This results in suppressed testosterone levels after you get off cycle. Also, prohormones are liver-toxic and can damage your liver. They are toxic because of a change made in their structure. Without this alteration, the liver will excrete the prohormones, and they won’t be as effective. In addition, using prohormones can also raise cholesterol levels while enlarging the heart. 

Are prohormones dangerous?

Prohormones are safer to use than their illegal counterparts, steroids. However, they can and do have side effects sometimes. Most experts advocate for the “safe use” of prohormones. Safe use implies taking post cycle therapy and taking all the necessary steps. This includes avoiding drinking and smoking too. However, even preventative measures might not eliminate side effects entirely. Despite all the precautions, there might still be some side effects. 

How to take prohormones to have minimum side effects?

Prohormones are one of the most potent supplements on the face of Earth. And while they can completely transform you in a matter of weeks, they are not a piece of cake. They need to be used with care. First and foremost, it’s important to cycle off prohormones regularly. Off-cycle periods should always be complemented with post cycle therapy products like the T Matrix testo booster and Advanced liver support. T Matrix testo booster restores the body’s ability to produce testosterone. Advanced liver support, on the other hand, heals the liver.  

Also, while on the cycle, you should increase your protein and water intake. That is because the body’s ability to build muscles changes significantly. Therefore, the body is more likely to use proteins to build muscles than store or excrete them. Lastly, while using prohormones, you should avoid drinking at all costs. The combination of alcohol and prohormones can put enormous strain on the liver and damage it.      

Long-term side effects of prohormones

Prohormones have little to no application in medical science. And therefore, they have not been researched extensively to draw a substantive conclusion over long-term side effects of prohormones. However, most users report no side effects after one year of their cycle. But, that is only when they have followed all the necessary guidelines and have complemented their journey with post cycle therapy. Suppressed testosterone levels are responsible for most side effects of prohormones. However, using post cycle therapy products like the T Matrix testo booster restores testosterone production. Most users report returning to their normal state of testosterone production within a year or so.

How to minimize side effects of prohormones?

If you’re looking for strong prohormones with minimum side effects, then there are no better choices than SD Matrix and Matrix black. Both these products are formulated to be as safe as possible. However, their safety is not a barrier to their effectiveness. Industry experts widely accept both the products as two of the most powerful products in the world of supplements.

Are prohormones effective?

Prohormones are as potent as steroids and therefore are extremely effective. Some prohormones like Masterdrol are even used as pre-contest supplements. You can use prohormones for both cutting and bulking. Depending on the prohormones you’re using, you might experience the following.

  • Explosive workouts
  • Low body fat percentage
  • Gorilla strength
  • Dense muscles
  • Raised libido

Also, because prohormones are fast-acting supplements, you can expect quick results. However, it’s important not to fall into the trap of fake products. Low-quality products can severely harm your health.

Conclusion on side effects of prohormones

Conclusively, there are some side effects of prohormones that you could experience. Preventive measures can reduce side effects of prohormones but might not eliminate them. And therefore, it is imperative to understand the costs and benefits associated with using prohormones. Once you are contented with your decision to use prohormones, we recommend you only purchase prohormones from a proven source like SD Matrix.

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