3 best fat-burning prohormones

Would you like to become the most shredded version of yourself? If so, in this blog, you’ll discover 3 best fat-burning prohormones that’ll suck fat out of your body like a vacuum, make your veins pop out, and lower your body fat percentage to the degree where you have paper-thin skin. But before uncovering them, it is essential to understand the science behind why prohormones are such incredible fat burners.

How do prohormones burn fat?

As you would already know, prohormones punch up testosterone levels significantly. And there is a bidirectional relationship between weight loss and testosterone. So naturally, higher testosterone levels lead to lower body fat. Plus, prohormones encourage lean muscle mass, which leads to the body removing excess fat. Lastly, prohormones boost energy levels dramatically, so you can put in a lot more reps, burn more calories, and hence decreased body fat percentage. Now that you now, why prohormones are such incredible weight-loss supplements, let’s have a look at some of the best fat-burning prohormones.

best fat-burning prohormones

Best fat-burning prohormones

When it comes to the best fat-burning prohormones, the conversation will always be incomplete without Superdrol. Superdrol is one of the most popular supplements of all time. You can expect to lose around 12-15 pounds of fat in a month while replacing it with rock-hard lean, dense muscle. Plus, Superdrol’s pumps are insane. You will be on “Beast mode” 24/7, and whether you wake up early in the morning or are about to doze off, it will look like you just had a crazy workout session.

Many users sometimes want to get in shape quickly for some event or local competition. And in that case, Masterdrol can be a great pick. It is widely regarded as the #1 precontest supplement because it gives results at a breakneck speed. Depending on the work you put in and your current body fat percentage, you can expect to lose 12-20 pounds of lazy fat. The gains are also super dry, which means that water retention is very low. Also, the strength gains are insane, and right from the very first week, you’ll feel a dramatic change in your workouts.

Another powerful prohormone that you can cycle and expect great results is Epistane. Though it’s lighter than the other prohormones mentioned here, it makes up for the deficit by being more body-friendly. It can help you shed tens of pounds of fat while also helping you gain more than 10 pounds of rock-hard muscle. Because it’s a dry-gains specialist, the muscle density is off the charts, and your muscles will get very lean. Besides, cycling Epistane is a great way to dip your toes in the prohormones world. It’s relatively light on the body yet incredibly effective, making it one of the best fat-burning prohormones.

best fat-burning prohormones

How to make the most out of these best fat-burning prohormones?

Prohormones are extreme fat shredders, ultra-strong muscle-building supplements, and powerful energy boosters, but the one thing they’re not is magic pills. No matter how potent a prohormone is, it requires dedication and commitment. So the first box you’ll have to tick to get the best out of these prohormones is to chalk out a challenging workout program that pushes you to your absolute limits every single day. Workout programs with a mix of heavy weights and cardio, like HIIT, produce great results. Though if it’s not up your alley, you can try and test with other programs too.

Secondly, and this is where most gym rats trip, your diet should be very well-balanced, depending on the prohormone you’re cycling. It should be strictly protein-heavy. A good rule of thumb is to consume at least 2g/lb of your body weight. But of course, this isn’t set in stone. You can increase or decrease it, depending on your current body weight, the prohormone you’re cycling, and your end goal.

So, for example, there’s a saying that Superdrol loves its carbs because Superdrol utilizes carbs better than most other prohormones. Meaning, you can consume slightly more carbs while cycling it. In the same way, you can tweak your diet depending on the factors mentioned above.

best fat-burning prohormones

Do these prohormones have any side effects?

All these prohormones are some of the best fat-burning prohormones, so it’s a no-brainer they are very potent, meaning sometimes side effects can appear. But usually, they don’t if you follow all the protocols. The thing you need to be most careful of is your natural testosterone levels after your cycle is over. And luckily, cycling a robust testosterone booster like T Matrix Testo Booster will ensure that your body’s natural production of testosterone returns to normal.

Also, ideally you should also take a liver supplement. Prohormones can sometimes be hard on the liver because of the toxic waste accumulated after years of liver-straining activities, such as drinking alcohol. By taking a liver supplement that includes TUDCA, like Advanced Liver Support (ALS), you can ensure that your liver stays clean and healthy. 

You can snag both ALS and T Matrix Testo Booster as a stack here.


Where can you find these best fat-burning prohormones?

You can find all these supplements at SD Matrix. SD Matrix has rigorous quality standards that ensure that each capsule that enters your body gives you results right off the bat. In fact, we are so confident that all our supplements flat-out work that we also offer a 100% action-backed money-back guarantee. Put in the work, follow all the protocols, and see it for yourself. If you don’t get the results despite putting in the work, just send our support an email, and we’ll refund your money.

Conclusion: best fat-burning prohormones

Conclusively all these supplements are three of the best fat-burning prohormones and pack enough punch to help you shed tens of pounds. For the more potent prohormones, like Superdrol, you can also expect to become the leanest and biggest version of yourself. That said, if you want something even more advanced that gives you the best of cutting and bulking, it will be worthwhile to check out SD Matrix and Matrix Black. Both these prohormones are top-of-the-line compounds and are two of the most potent supplements ever. If you still need help deciding which supplement would suit you the best, our support will be the happiest to assist you.