Post-workout sins that are ripping you off of your gains

When it comes to post-workout practices, there are no rules, only sins. Committing these sins can make all your efforts go down the drain. However, before uncovering the post-workout sins that are ripping you off of your gains, it is essential to understand what happens inside your body after a crushing workout.

Right off the bat, within ten minutes of finishing your workout, the body starts recovering and moving into a resting state. The more in shape you are, the quicker the body will get into this state. Generally, this is the time when your body releases “feel-good” hormones, and you feel calm and relaxed.

Post-workout sins that are ripping you off of your gains

Consuming sugary drinks

Working out and pushing your body to the absolute limit is an exhausting activity. The body loses lots of fluids during this process, so it’s natural to crave sugary drinks just after your gym session. However, satiating these cravings can undo all your efforts. Most gym lovers resort to sports drinks to avoid extra calories. However, even the majority of sports drinks have high sugar content. Consuming such drinks can spill water over all your efforts in the gym. The best practice is to replenish your water levels by drinking water or water melon juice. Both these fluids also aid muscle recovery.

Post-workout sins that are ripping you off of your gains

Taking the weighing scale too seriously

This one especially applies to folks obsessed with losing weight. While jumping on a weighing scale every once in a while is not too bad, the problem begins when you take the numbers too seriously. A lot of people confuse getting in shape with losing weight.

Sometimes, the weighing scale is not a true reflection of your progress. For example, in the first few weeks, your body is getting used to intense training. Something that a weighing scale can not track and is a part of the process. This is just the tip of why weighing scales can be deceptive. Many instructors advise focusing on things you can control, such as your diet and training routine, instead of focusing on things you can’t, like the weighing scale on a random day. Everything else will fall in place sooner or later.

One of the most overlooked post-workout sins that is ripping you off of your gains: not stretching

Stretching is probably one of the most beneficial yet overlooked post-workout rituals. It helps the muscles relax by easing blood flow and is a staple in accelerating recovery. Many gym rats put stretching on the backburner. Here’s something that will probably make you think twice before leaving the gym without stretching. Stretching reduces the risk of injury and enables the joints to move through their full range of motion, improving flexibility and form.  

Not re-racking weights

This one has no connection with your body but is a post-workout practice that can save you and others from getting hurt. There’s nothing more annoying than stumbling over an out of place dumbbell. Re-racking the weights you use is gym 101. Apart from promoting the gym’s culture, it’s also more convenient to find things where they belong.

Eating unhealthy foods or not eating at all

If you’ve been working out for any length of time, you must’ve heard phrases like, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym” or “70% diet 30% gym”. While the jury is still out on the accuracy, there’s no denying the importance of diet. Consuming the right nutrients post-workout is essential. Many experts believe that the body is in an anabolic state post-workout. This also coincides with the recovery period. As a result, it’s the best time to take your proteins and carbs. Grilled chicken with roasted vegetables such as broccoli is a great example of a good post-workout meal

Not practicing hygiene

If you fancy skull-crushing workouts, you won’t be a stranger to leaving it all in the gym. While it’s understandable to have no fuel left in the tank after workouts, it’s essential to practice hygiene habits, such as taking a shower and changing workout gear immediately. Staying in sweaty clothes can cause skin rashes and bacterial infections. If you’re always on the run and can’t make time for a shower, try changing into dry clothes, which might not be as desirable but still appropriate.

Conclusion: post-workout sins that are ripping you off of your gains

As many seasoned gym-goers preach, what you do outside the gym is as important as what you do inside of it. You’re bound to have results quicker if you can build up on your workouts by following good post-workout routines. But there’s something that can give you results even faster. And that’s cycling prohormones. Prohormones can easily give you results in weeks that most other supplements might not give you in months. There’s no way anyone can match the results from prohormones with the results they get from protein supplements.