EPI Fury (Epistane)

EPI Fury (Epistane)

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  • EPI Fury: 60 capsules – 1 month supply
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What is Epistane?

Buy Epistane or Epi if you are new to bodybuilding and muscle gain. Epistane is a prohormone and works by binding itself to the androgen receptors in the cells found in your muscles. Epi will enhance your levels of protein and nitrogen. Consequently, it will help build muscle mass and boost your strength. Therefore, it is ideal for those who are new to bodybuilding and muscle gain. Its low level of toxicity means you could stack it with other hormones and anabolic steroids. Not to mention that it is safe to use. Furthermore, it is also very flexible in the sense that it can be used for quickly gaining solid mass or for cutting. All of this does depend on how you stack and cycle.

Why buy Epistane?

Among the benefits you’ll notice if you buy Epistane are:

  • Quick gaining of dry and lean muscles
  • Enhances strength levels allowing you to lift heavier weights
  • Boosts energy levels allowing you to perform more repetitions
  • Helps prevent unwanted fat
  • Little or no water retention

Implement a post cycle therapy (PCT) immediately after taking Epistane. PCT is crucial for your body to produce natural hormones again because they were mangled while you were on Epistane. You really don’t want to develop gynecomastia (female breast development) because you fail to monitor your intake. The rule of thumb is the longer the cycle and the higher the dosage, the bigger the risk of developing gyno. You can minimize the risk by turning back down the amount of milligrams near the end of the cycle.

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To find out more about Epistane, visit our dedicated page.

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We always recommend combining EPI Fury with a post cycle therapy product like T Matrix and ALS.

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