SD Fury (Superdrol)

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What is Superdrol?

Buy Superdrol because it is an incredibly popular oral steroid amongst strength athletes and bodybuilders. While it was originally sold and billed as a “prohormone”, it hits all of the markers of an anabolic steroid.

In athletic circles, Superdrol is known as a fast-acting anabolic-androgenic steroid that can add pounds of lean muscle to your frame while also allowing you to add a ton of weight to the bar.

Unlike other steroids, it is popular for its low-estrogenic side effects. This means that you will experience almost no water retention (bloating), gynecomastia and you will not need to support your cycle with any anti-estrogens.

Why buy Superdrol?

Athletes at all levels of sport consider Superdrol a highly effective anabolic. Bodybuilders like to use it to wrap up a pre-contest cut cycle (since water retention is relatively low). Strength athletes like to use it to break through a plateau since strength gains are relatively high. Major strength and size gains are normal.

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We always recommend combining SD Fury with a post cycle therapy product like T Matrix.

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