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What is Epistane  & How does it work?

Epistane or Methylepitiostanol is the perfect pro-hormone product widely common amongst bodybuilders and athletes that are new to taking pro-hormones, but not excluding people who are not new to pro-hormones. It is an excellent pro-hormone for individuals that want fast results in increasing their lean body mass, improve overall fitness, boost strength levels and assist in weight loss.

It is taken orally rather than injected and works by binding to androgen receptors across all skeletal and muscle stem cells. Messages are then sent from androgen receptors to cells across the body to induce protein synthesis and retention of Nitrogen.

The above process results in overall improved strength, muscle mass and weight loss across the whole body with minimal side effects, this making Epistane an excellent pro-hormone choice for bodybuilders and athletes that are looking for positive results in a timely manner.

Who should take Epistane?

Epistane actively causes muscle growth and fat loss and is a very popular product as a bulking and cutting cycle agent. So, if you are a keen athlete or bodybuilder looking for noticeable results in increased lean muscle mass, weight loss and overall increased stamina and performance during your workouts then this is the ideal product for you to start taking. It is also an excellent pro-hormone if you are new to taking pro-hormones.

The compound is a derivative of DHT and increases the testosterone production, this meaning it is advised that only males over the age of 21 are to take Epistane.

Benefits of Epistane

Epistane have a range of fantastic benefits for active bodybuilders and athletes, especially when taken with a protein rich and varied diet, the key benefits you will notice include:

  • Improved training performance within a matter of weeks
  • Overall fat loss
  • A gain in overall strength
  • Noticeable lean muscle mass increase across the body
  • Very minimal side effects
  • Quicker muscle and skeletal repair which also leads to increased performance
  • No bloating or water retention like some other anabolic steroids
  • It also assists in improving your general well-being
  • Promotes your dry and hard muscle gains
  • Much faster post workout recovery time

From various research projects it has proven that Epistane has the above benefits on the body and it has been proven that these happen within a timely manner and noticeable positive changes occur within just a couple of weeks.

Dosage and How to take it?

Epistane is taken orally and it is recommended that first time users take x3 10mg tablets each day. After 7 days if no adverse side effects occur the dosage can be increased to x4 10mg tablets each day. Advanced users can also increase their intake to x6 10mg tablets each day. It is advised that the dosage is evenly spread across the day to ensure full benefits are noticed.

Does it require Cycle Support and PCT?

As with any prohormone, long term use could have adverse effects on your liver, so cycle support is necessary to assist in no damage. Taking milk thistle along with Epistane is highly advised.

Following taking Epistane it is strongly advised that PCT is required, this is simply due to your body becoming used to its hormone levels being high and the low testosterone production levels. Your organs, especially your liver have also worked hard to manage the pro-hormones, thus meaning hormone recovery supplements are highly recommended.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, if you are wanting excellent results in increasing your lean body muscle mass, decrease fat levels, improve endurance and promote muscle gains whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle and regular workouts then Epistane is the product for you!

As it cannot convert to Estrogen or DHT then the effects are anabolic meaning considerable amounts of weight loss but muscle gain are reported from individuals that have taken this within 2-4 weeks, so the product is also an excellent product for quick results.



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