Matrix Black


Matrix Black  (Sd1 & Sd Matrix Hybrid) Is arguably the highest quality and most effective prohormone available to date in the UK. Giving users explosive muscle growth,strength and increased training aggression


Explosive power.
No estrogen conversion.
Increased training aggression.
Increased vascularity.
reduced body fat.
No harsh side effects .
results seen in as little as one week .

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Matrix Black

How to use Matrix Black

Matrix Black works best if used in conjunction with a high caloric diet. It is important to take it with meals consisting of complex carbohydrates and proteins. You should be consuming 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight.
Take 2 Capsules Per Day With Milk Thistle

Ingredients per Capsule

Pharmaceutical grade prohormones 10mg Methasterone(Superdrol),30mg Trenavar (-m) , 60 capsules per tub

Allergy Info Do not use this product if you are female or under the age of 21 or have any of the following: Adverse cholesterol levels History of heart disease Benign prostate hypertrophy Always consult a doctor before starting a course of Matrix Black.