SR9009 vs RAD-140

If you are a seasoned SARM user, the chances are you would know about SR9009 vs RAD-140. These SARMS are two top-tier supplements that give results in weeks that most supplements do not give in months. And that’s just a drop in the bucket of what makes these supplements two of the best. While both these supplements are top-drawer supplements, many users wonder which one of them has the upper hand. However, before we dive deeper into SR9009 vs RAD-140, it is essential to understand how they work.

Since both these supplements are SARMS, they are highly selective. They only bind with androgen receptors in the skeletal muscles and therefore do not result in many of the side effects of anabolic steroids. Another way to put it is that steroids are like a live wire that attaches to all the androgen receptors, including the ones in the liver, while SARMS only connect to the the ones in the muscles. Therefore cycling SARMS does not result in side effects like enlarged liver.

SR9009 vs RAD-140: potency

When it comes to raw potency, hardly any SARM goes neck to neck with RAD-140. But in SR9009’s defence, it plays second fiddle to only the most potent SARMS and has a ton of other benefits that other SARMS don’t. For example, along with being a worthy supplement for both cutting and bulking, SR9009 will also help you reset your biological clock. And if you have a thing for waking up early in the morning, you’ll absolutely love SR9009. Plus, as you will see later, potency is just one of the many measuring sticks to judge a supplement.

SR9009 vs RAD-140: benefits

Both these supplements are great all-rounders. They can both be used for cutting and bulking. Something that sticks out about SR9009 particularly is that it’s a great supplement for lean gains. It’s one of the best supplements for athletes. Apart from rock-hard lean gains, it will also transform you into a cardio machine. Past non-human studies have shown that cycling SR9009 can increase running capacity by up to 65%. On top of it, SR9009 provides insane muscular endurance. Your muscle tendons will be able to tolerate far more workload and will recover quicker.

On the other hand, if you want to bulk well, then RAD-140 should be your pick. It’s a perfect bulking supplement. You can expect to gain a good amount of dense muscle in a 4-week cycle along with shedding pounds of fat. Of course, the results depend on your workout routine, but you can expect better results than almost any other SARM.

Many call RAD-140 UK’s most popular bodybuilding supplement. It’s one of the few elite supplements that gives the best of both cutting and bulking. You can use it strictly for cutting, bulking or both. Though users get great results while strictly cutting, too, it’s easier to cut while cycling SR9009. That is because RAD-140 increases appetite while SR9009 works smoothly even on low-calorie diets.

SR9009 vs RAD-140

SR9009 vs RAD-140: side effects

The whole premise behind choosing SARMS over steroids is that most SARMS do not have even a fraction of steroids’ side effects. While both RAD-140 and SR9009 cannot be declared completely side-effect free, these supplements usually do not trigger suppression.

That also means you do not need post cycle therapy for both these supplements. Their risk-result ratio is incredible. And while minor side effects can appear, they’re disproportionate to the results these supplements give. Most users report no side effects for RAD-140 and SR9009. The usual side effects of SARMS include mood swings, acne, and a slight decrease in testosterone production, which is easily reversible.

Another side effect that makes users think hard about SARMS is their hepatoxicity. While SARMS can be liver-toxic, that’s nowhere near anabolic steroids. In fact, if you take a liver supplement like Advanced Liver Support after your cycle, your liver will recover completely and will excrete all the toxic waste. ALS contains TUDCA, which protects liver cells while improving overall liver function.

SR9009 vs RAD-140: half-life and dose

RAD-140 has a half-life of approximately 20 hours, while SR9009 has around 5 hours. Both these supplements are available at SD Matrix with an ironclad money-back guarantee. If you get these supplements from SD Matrix, you can divide your dose into two equal doses and consume the first in the morning and the second with dinner.

Conclusion: SR9009 vs RAD-140

The conclusion on SR9009 vs RAD-140 is that both these hard-hitting supplements are explosive enough to electrify your workouts and transform you completely. In a nutshell, if you want to cycle a SARM for purely bulking and building mass, then RAD-140 will be the best for you. However, if bulking is not your only goal and you want to grow size along with other attributes like stamina, and strength proportionally, SR9009 will be the perfect fit for you.

To put things into perspective, many powerlifters, cross-fitters and athletes want to increase their strength, stamina, and other attributes as much as they want to grow in size. In contrast, some people want to cycle SARMS to bulk, for which RAD-140 is the gold standard.