Can prohormones affect sperm count?

If you’ve ever been anywhere near prohormones, you must’ve heard they cause infertility. The concept comes from the fact that prohormones are testosterone supplements, and because they mangle with testosterone levels, they taper sperm count to an extent where a man can no longer father a child. This blog will uncover if prohormones affect sperm count and fertility. However, before knowing if prohormones can affect sperm count, it is essential to debunk some misconceptions.

Prohormones are testosterone supplements that men from all walks of life use for different purposes. They inflate testosterone levels periodically, which results in various benefits. The downside to this whole process is that it decreases the body’s testosterone production. This happens when the brain detects excess testosterone levels. The human body, by design, is not built to have too little or too much of any hormone. And therefore, to sustain the body’s natural levels, the system sometimes pulls back on testosterone production. 

However, contrary to popular opinion, the testes, which are the factories for producing sperms, still have enough testosterone to continue the production of sperm. Instead, it’s another hormone, FSH, whose levels get affected. FSH plays a vital role in stimulating sperm production.

Can prohormones affect sperm count?

Yes. Most prohormones can taper sperm count temporarily. Even though with advancements in the supplement industry, more and more prohormones are surfacing with fewer side effects, it would be misleading to say that consuming prohormones will not affect your sperm count.

It’s worth noting, though, that prohormones do not have a direct cause-and-effect relationship with sperm production. As a result, it is hard to quantify the impact prohormones can have on sperm count. However, what can be established is that when prohormones are used responsibly, sperm count mostly bounces back to a healthy level.

Prohormones are powerful supplements and can have various side effects. Most of these side effects are mutable, given, the user does post cycle therapy. As a prohormone user, it is every users’ responsibility to take breaks and follow directions. Prolonged use can and will affect your sperm count. Most users recover in 4-8 weeks depending on various factors, such as the strength of the prohormone they used.

Can prohormones affect sperm count and even make you infertile or cause erectile dysfunction?

When used responsibly, prohormones will not make you infertile. In most cases, the sperm count bounces back within the first few months of going off cycle. The body recovers to its normal condition, and everything falls back in place. However, the same cannot be said about steroid abuse. The best practice is to use supplements wisely. Follow all the instructions, and in the case of prohormones, take regular breaks to give your body time to recover.

As far as erectile dysfunction is concerned, then using prohormones should not interfere with penile erection as long as you’re not abusing them. Low testosterone is just one of the many causes that can lead to the condition. Many other elements contribute towards a healthy sex life, including psychological and lifestyle factors. It’s always wise to consult your doctor in such situations as only a trained professional can troubleshoot such a problem.

How to boost your sperm count after a prohormones’ cycle?

Even though following your cycle with post cycle therapy should be enough, here are a few extra steps that you can take to boost your sperm count naturally:

  • Consume Vitamin C and vitamin D;
  • Stay stress-free;
  • Exercise regularly;
  • Use maca root to improve sperm quality;
  • Wear loose undergarments to provide ideal conditions for sperm production.

Can prohormones affect sperm count

Are there any strong prohormones with fewer side effects?

Most prohormones do have side effects. However, with time experts are making alterations in compounds to lessen side effects as much as possible. Two such prohormones are SD Matrix and Matrix Black. Apart from having lower side effects, these prohormones are also two of the purest supplements available today.

Many prohormones have the kick to transform you completely. However, if you want a bit extra out of your hard work while staying as safe as possible, there are no better choices than these prohormones. You can learn more about both these prohormones here.

Conclusion: can prohormones affect sperm count

Conclusively, using prohormones or, for that matter, most testosterone supplements will reduce your sperm count. If you want to reap the benefits of using prohormones while having a healthy sperm count, it is essential to go off cycle regularly. Doing so will give your body time to recover. Also, post cycle therapy is not a choice. It’s a must.

In addition, always purchase prohormones from an authentic source. Saving a few bucks is not worth your long-term health. There have been cases where manufacturers have fused impure substances, and the users have suffered. You can read more about buying bodybuilding supplements online here.