Grip strength

Whether you’re an athlete, a recreational bodybuilder, or a fitness enthusiast, the chances are you could level up by improving your grip strength. So on that note, in this blog, you’ll discover key exercises, tips, and techniques to help you build a robust grip that will not just boost your overall strength, but also your performance. Let’s dive in!

Why is it important to have a strong grip?

For starters, low grip strength can lead to massive functional limitations in everyday activities. From being unable to open stubbornly tight jars to facing difficulties while carrying heavy bags, a weak grip can severely impair your ability to perform everyday tasks. But the consequences can be even more pronounced inside the gym. Because while a weak grip strength might restrict you in your everyday life, inside the gym, it might totally incapacitate you. At least for all the exercises that require you to hold weights with your hands.

Simply because grip strength is the bridge that connects your body with the weight you lift. If the bridge’s weak, then, of course, the connection will be weak too. And as a result, your lifting potential and performance will be severely compromised. Put simply, your grip strength is the foundation of your lifting prowess. In the words of legendary bodybuilder Dorian Yates“In bodybuilding, grip strength is often the missing link. Strengthen your grip, and you’ll unlock new levels of strength and muscle growth.”

Grip strength

How to improve grip strength quickly

The art of improving grip strength lies in doing subtle repetitions over an extended period. Luckily, these repetitions can be easily performed inside the walls of a gym. Starting off with farmer’s walk, in this routine, you’ve got to pick up something heavy (ideally a kettle ball) and then start walking. The form for this exercise is pretty straightforward. Just imagine you’re a farmer carrying heavy buckets, which in your case will be kettle balls. Just make sure you’re not hunched down on either side. Try standing tall while you’re at it. 

Additionally, you can also perform forearm exercises like wrist curls, reverse wrist curls, and hammer curls to strengthen the muscles in your forearms. All of these exercises contribute to grip strength. That is because forearms house the muscles responsible for controlling finger movements and wrist stability. As a result, strengthening these muscles directly translates to a stronger grip.

Apart from this, you can also do fat grip training. You may use thick barbells or dumbbells or add grip-enhancing attachments like Fat Gripz to regular barbells. This will increase the diameter of the grip and challenge you even more. In fact, using thick dumbbells is a common trick YouTubers use to lull gym rats into a false sense of confidence during on-street lifting challenges. That’s one of the reasons why even some of the biggest guys find it an uphill battle to lift their everyday routine weights during these challenges.

Grip strength

Do grip strengtheners help?

Yes, they do. Grip strengtheners primarily target and improve hand and forearm strength, particularly developing the muscles involved in gripping and squeezing motions. The type of grip strength that grip strengtheners increase the most is often called crushing grip strength.

In simple words, grip strengtheners improve your ability to exert force and maintain a strong grip when squeezing an object. This includes gripping a tennis ball tightly, firmly closing your hand around a handle, or doing a domineering handshake.

Types of grip strengths

There are several types of grip strengths, each focusing on different aspects of hand and forearm strength. Some of the most noteworthy ones include crushing grip, support strength, and wrist strength. As mentioned above, grip strengtheners improve crushing strength. Similarly, farmer’s walks and fat grip training will improve support strength. Lastly, forearm exercises would enhance your wrist strength, boosting wrist stability and control.

The reason why we’re sharing this is not to overwhelm you but to help you work on the areas where you believe you want to do the most work. That being said, it’s important to note that all types of grip strengths are interconnected and often work together in various activities. When you train one type of grip strength, it often leads to automatic improvements in other areas as well. For instance, focusing on crushing grip exercises not only enhances your ability to squeeze and exert force but also indirectly strengthens the supporting muscles and tendons, contributing to improved support strength.

Grip strength

Other ways to reach your goals faster

For most gym rats, improving grip strength is a means to achieve an end. Some want to start lifting heavier weights and become mass monsters. Others want to build stronger forearms with popping veins. And then there are those who want to enhance their athletic abilities in disciplines such as martial arts, arm wrestling, and even rock climbing. Whatever your end goal is, all these practices and routines will help you get there. But there’s something else that you can do to cut your path even shorter. And that is to take supplements. Supplements will help you get even better results.

So on that note, if your end goal is to pack more muscle mass with popping veins, then we strongly recommend you to check out SD Matrix. Alternatively, if your focus is more on strength, then supplements like Epistane and Ostarine will help you power up big time. We have all these supplements available if you want to order them. They all come with a money-back guarantee, too, so it’s zero risk on your behalf with huge upside potential.

Grip strength


Conclusively, you can improve your grip strength by doing routines such as farmer’s walks, forearm exercises, and fat-grip training. These routines will target different aspects of grip strength, including crushing grip, support grip, and wrist strength. On top of this, consider cycling supplements such as SD Matrix, Epistane, or Ostarine. All of these supplements will further enhance your progress in achieving your goals. Remember, developing a strong grip is not only beneficial for your workouts but also for various sports and daily tasks. That being said, hopefully this blog added to your knowledge about grip strength. Happy lifting!