Importing supplements to the UK: Barriers and restrictions

If there’s something that supplement users can’t compromise on, it’s the quality of the supplements they use. And while the UK is an excellent place for buying supplements, sometimes supplement users resort to sources outside the state to get their desired products. And if you’ve also ever thought of importing supplements to the UK, then this blog might change your mind.

Can I import supplements to the UK?

Yes. You can import supplements to the UK. However, there are strict restrictions and barriers to it, which we will discuss later. The UK government has stern policies on the import of supplements, and therefore you need to know them before you sign up for the cumbersome process. But, before we get to the actual barriers, it is vital to understand that there is no one rule of thumb. Every country has its own set of trade barriers and restrictions. This blog covers the most common problems you might come across while importing supplements to the UK.

Restrictions and regulations you need to be aware of before importing supplements to the UK

Importing supplements to the UK is different from buying supplements from any brick-and-mortar supplement store. Even though the process of placing the order might seem familiar, it’s the part of receiving the order and the additional liabilities charged that makes it a distressing process. Firstly, the supplements that you order to the UK should not be banned. The UK government does not allow any banned products in the UK. No supplement store takes responsibility for sorting it out for their customers. Most stores have a clear policy of not taking responsibility for customs restrictions, tariffs or other regulations. And therefore you’re pretty much on your own in figuring out for yourself.

Also, if you choose to import prohormones and SARMS to the UK, you will have to prove that you are importing them for personal use. On the other hand, if you buy prohormones and SARMS from within the UK, you will not face any such compulsion.

Plus, the UK government has placed a quantity restriction of 90 days’ supply on some supplements in a single order. There are many such products, with the most prominent ones being whey protein and liquid fish oil. If your order exceeds these limits, the officials will forfeit your parcel, and the store will not refund your amount. Secondly, when you place the order for the first time with a store, it can take additional time to process and ship your order. This holds importance, especially when you need a product urgently and cannot afford a late delivery. If you need a product immediately, it’d be in your best interest to only place order from within the UK to avoid any delays.

Additional tariffs and duties you will have to pay while importing supplements to the UK

Another issue you’re going to face while importing supplements to the UK is additional taxes. Most brands outside the UK ship their products at DDU (Deliveries and duties unpaid) terms. Apart from additional import taxes, you might also be charged a 12% customs duty and a flat £8 from UK Royal Mail as a handling charge. The extra charges inflate the cost of the products significantly and can make huge dents in your pocket.

Sometimes amid all the restrictions and regulations, your parcel can also get lost. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, contact your source’s representative and inform them about your order. To consider a product as “lost,” most brands have a specific period. Make sure to read their policies and act accordingly. 

Beware of scams

Lastly, it’s also important to stay vigilant of frauds and scams while buying supplements. Especially when you come across too good to be true offers by no-name brands. The best practice is always to check a brand’s credibility on verified platforms. Also, sometimes manufacturers compromise on the quality of supplements by blending fillers that can be harmful to your health. Always buy supplements from a trusted source. 

Conclusion: importing supplements to the UK

Conclusively, if you are thinking about importing supplements to the UK, there are a whole bunch of problems waiting for you. From having deep pockets to having the patience of a monk, you’d need it all. And on top of that, it might still not be enough for you to get your desired product. Given the barriers and the added taxes, it’s just not worth it. The truth is if you want to use powerful products that give you the strength of a silverback Gorilla and gains of the incredible hulk, you don’t need to wander outside the UK. All you need to do is check out the most scientifically advanced products that have ever graced the planet. From giving you the leanest muscle mass to shredding you with the thinnest layer of fat, you will never need to try out any other product.

Importing supplements to the UK