Is M-Sten safe to cycle?

M-Sten or Methylstenbolone is a highly anabolic compound formulated for advanced users to gain muscles in a minimum period with minimal side effects. It is relatively new in the world of supplements, and thus, there’s a knowledge gap for M-Sten, which this blog will try to cover. Like most performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), M-Sten elevates testosterone levels in the body, which begs the question, “Is M-Sten safe to cycle?”. However, before discussing that, it is essential to know more about M-Sten.

Is M-Sten a steroid?

No. M-Sten is not a steroid. It’s a highly anabolic prohormone that is almost as potent as steroids. The major difference between steroids and prohormones is that steroids are in raw form, while prohormones are converted by the body. Steroids are also more dangerous than prohormones. It is one of the many reasons why avid bodybuilders prefer cycling prohormones over cycling steroids.

Is M-Sten safe?

M-Sten is safer than anabolic steroids. Considering its potency, it’s one of the safer prohormones available today. However, it can have temporary side effects because it is an extremely potent prohormone. M-Sten, just like Superdrol is not for beginners. It is for experienced users.

The biggest potential side effect of M-Sten is that it can suppress testosterone levels. It is for this reason, a cycle of M-Sten should always be followed by post cycle therapy. Post cycle therapy helps in reinstating body’s natural testosterone production and will help your body recover quickly.

Also, M-Sten is a bit heavy on the liver. While cycling M-Sten, one should abstain from drinking alcohol. Also, cutting down on sugary fluids helps as extra sugar in the blood can overburden the liver. As with most methylated compounds, assisting your cycle with a liver supplement like Advanced Liver Support (ALS) is important to preserve the health of your liver.  

Many users compare M-Sten’s side effects with Superdrol, except that M-Sten is a bit more easygoing. Much of M-Sten’s side effects are temporary. If used responsibly, most of these side effects subside quickly. These side effects do not impact the overall health of a person. However, side effects like a sudden mood change can interfere with daily life activities.

Is M-Sten safe to cycle

Is M-Sten safe to cycle for bulking?

Most people cycle M-Sten either to build muscles or to enhance athletic performance. M-Sten is a muscle-building prohormone that packs tens of pounds of extra muscles on the body while increasing vascularity and definition. While it is an excelling mass-building prohormone, it is also a worthy supplement for breaking strength plateaus.

M-Sten is a proper bulking specialist. It is not one of those supplements where you will only experience huge size gains for a short amount of time without any increase in strength. Instead, you will witness an overall growth in both these areas.

The gains from M-Sten are typically dry and lean. They tend to stay longer than gains from many other supplements, with the muscles looking more defined and toned.

Sometimes people question if M-Sten can be used for cutting. While M-Sten can be used for cutting, it is formulated for bulking and works best for gaining muscles. There are many other supplements for cutting, like Masterdrol. Now that you know the answer to “Is M-Sten safe,” let’s take a closer look at how fast it works.

Is M-Sten safe?

How fast does M-Sten work?

M-Sten works at a very rapid pace. Even though it will be hard to quantify results specifically, many users report gaining more than 15 lbs of muscle in a 4-week bulking cycle. Some users also report gaining more than 17 lbs of muscle. Results are dependant on many factors such as diet, genetics, and effort. Under no circumstances should M-Sten be cycled for more than four weeks. SD Matrix recommends ingesting 10-20 mg of M-Sten per day. It is available under the name of MS Fury.

Is M-Sten safe

Does everyone experience the same side effects from using M-Sten?

No. Not everyone experiences the same side effects. Side effects depend on a variety of reasons. There have been users who have even reported very little to no side effects. Generally speaking, the user experience of M-Sten has been very good. More and more people are switching to M-Sten because of its relatively low side effects.

Is M-Sten safer than Superdrol?

Many people like to draw comparisons between Superdrol and M-Sten. So is M-Sten safe or is Superdrol safer? Well, the word is that M-Sten has milder side effects than Superdrol. However, on the other side, Superdrol is more potent and can give you slightly more gains. It depends on a person’s preference. At the end of the day, both are highly anabolic prohormones and can transform you within weeks.

Conclusion: is M-Sten safe?

Conclusively, M-Sten is a highly anabolic prohormone that can have side effects. Overall, many users prefer cycling M-Sten over other potent prohormones because of milder side effects. Cycling M-Sten should not result in long-lasting side effects. It is a quick-acting compound that starts showing its signs in the first week of using it. If you’re looking to cycle M-Sten, we highly recommend you to check out MS Fury. It’s as authentic as it can get and comes with an ironclad money-back guarantee. Hopefully, this blog answered all your questions about “is M-sten safe?” If not, feel free to drop us a line here. We’d love to assist you!