What is Superdrol used for in bodybuilding?

A common question we get regarding Superdrol is ‘What is Superdrol used for in bodybuilding?’. With this blog post, we want to give you an extensive overview of the possibilities of Superdrol for bodybuilders.

Is Superdrol a steroid?

Superdrol is an incredibly powerful supplement with all the potency and benefits of an anabolic steroid yet qualifies as a prohormone. It is one of the UK’s and the world’s most popular supplements. Users that use Superdrol once actively testify for its supreme performance. It can put pounds of extra muscles within weeks. That too with much lesser effort than most other mainstream supplements. As discussed later in this blog, Superdrol has its unique benefits while also having some side effects. But before discussing that, it is essential to understand what is Superdrol used for in bodybuilding.

What does Superdrol do for bodybuilders?

Superdrol, just like any other prohormone, binds with androgen receptors in the body. This process elevates testosterone levels. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that has a huge role in gaining muscle mass and shredding fat

Because testosterone directly impacts energy levels, consuming Superdrol also spikes performance levels. From bone-crushing workouts to adding a ton of weight to the bars, Superdrol gives you the strength of a silverback gorilla. However, like any other supplement, Superdrol comes with its side effects. 

What is Superdrol used for in bodybuilding?

Superdrol is majorly used during cutting cycles. It has low water-retention properties and appears an attractive option to wrap up pre-contest cycles. Bloating and excess water in the body can mute muscle definition. Superdrol sucks the moisture from the body and enhances muscle definition. Also, Superdrol is one of the few supplements that make the body aesthetically pleasing.

Many recreational bodybuilders can also not resist the temptation to cycle the magnum opus of bodybuilding supplements. Because of its potency and benefits, almost anyone who has been near a performance-enhancing drug (PED) knows about Superdrol. While Superdrol is a monster when it comes to cutting, its benefits are not limited to that.

What is Superdrol used for in bodybuilding apart from cutting?

Even though it’s a top-of-the-line cutting supplement along with masterdrol, it’s also a worthy supplement for bulking. You can gain between 13-17 pounds of muscle from a Superdrol cycle.

While cycling PEDs, many are hesitant because of gynecomastia or male breasts. Estrogen, which is a female sex hormone, causes gynecomastia. When supplements have high estrogenic effects, there’s a chance of developing this condition. However, because Superdrol has low estrogenic effects, it does not result in male breasts. And therefore, Superdrol has a huge cult following in bodybuilding circles. Also, it’s part of why Superdrol is one of the most used supplements today.

Other lesser-known yet important benefits include rapid recovery and more stamina. Even though many supplements are high on promising quick recovery, not many can match Superdrol. Plus, the results are faster because it improves stamina and performance. All in all, anyone who’s willing to put in hard hours in the gym and willing to stay disciplined outside of it can completely transform themselves by using Superdrol.

How fast does Superdrol work?

Cycling Superdrol can completely transform you within weeks. You can expect major changes in your appearance and strength. Also, the gains from Superdrol are dry. They tend to stay longer than the gains made by most other PEDs.

Superdrol is a lot more than just a cutting or bulking specialist. Some users also use Superdrol in their off-season to maintain the gains. Superdrol puts the body in a high anabolic state, and therefore, it can be used virtually for a wide range of bodybuilding activities

What is Superdrol used for in bodybuilding?

Side effects of using Superdrol

Even though Superdrol is the gold standard of bodybuilding supplements, it has some side effects. The most common side effect of using Superdrol is that it suppresses the body’s testosterone levels. When the body receives testosterone from external sources, it decreases its natural production. This is the biggest reason why SD Matrix always recommends post cycle therapy after cycling Superdrol. 

Superdrol is also hepatoxic, meaning it is taxing on the liver. Using liver supplements such as Advanced Liver Support (ALS) can make up for it. Regardless of which methylated compound you use, you should always use a liver supplement. Put your health first, and everything else will fall in place. Lastly, if you’re cycling Superdrol, you will have to give up on habits that negatively affect the liver, such as drinking alcohol.

In addition, Superdrol can also raise cholesterol. During your Superdrol cycle, you cannot consume fast-food or foods high in saturated fats. Instead, your diet should strictly comprise of lean protein.

Another side effect that is not widespread but still possible is male pattern baldness. Superdrol alone will not cause male pattern baldness unless there’s a tendency for it. However, it can be a contributing factor. You must’ve noticed massive guys with a healthy hairline walking in the gym and smashing every machine. And you must’ve also seen a bloke on his first day in the gym with a disappearing hairline. Superdrol can accelerate male pattern baldness, but it depends on genetics.

Does everyone experience side effects from Superdrol?

Superdrol does have side effects that you may or may not experience. Generally, when used moderately and responsibly, the side effects are not too much. On the other hand, if you’re careless and do not respect the compound that is Superdrol, you will experience negative side effects which can harm your health. No matter what, post cycle therapy is a must. If you’re using authentic Superdrol, it can suppress your body’s natural testosterone levels, and therefore, you need to do post cycle therapy.

When is the best time to take Superdrol?

SD Matrix recommends ingesting 20 mg per day if you’re a beginner. Experienced users can increase their dose to 30-40 mg per day. For the best experience, you can divide your dose equally into morning and evening doses. 

In any case, a Superdrol cycle should not run for more than four weeks. After your cycle, you should do post cycle therapy to reinstate your body’s natural testosterone production. You can get the complete post cycle therapy stack here.

Superdrol price

Superdrol is one of the most imitated supplements. Replicas are as widespread as original Superdrol. And therefore, getting your hands on authentic Superdrol is a tough task. One thing that separates original from fake is results. Speaking of which, SD Matrix has a rich history of providing the best supplements. You can check out some of the reviews here. Superdrol is available under the name SD Fury.  

A bottle of SD Fury has 60 capsules. It will cost you £38 or approximately £1.26 per day. If you have the drive to cycle Superdrol, you can transform yourself at less than the price of a daily coffee. Click here to get it now.

What is superdrol used for in bodybuilding?

Conclusion: what is Superdrol used for in bodybuilding?

After all of this, we can conclude on ‘What is Superdrol used for in bodybuilding?’: Superdrol is a highly anabolic compound that can be used for a wide range of bodybuilding activities. Whether you’re wrapping up your pre-contest cycle or are a recreational bodybuilder, you can use Superdrol. The rule of cycling Superdrol for at most four weeks applies to everyone. However, Superdrol is not for someone who is cycling PEDs for the first time. In that case, there are some less potent supplements that you should opt for.