Prohormones vs SARMS

One of the most prevalent debates these days in the world of supplements is which is better between prohormones and SARMS. Most people understand that both classes of supplements have their advantages and disadvantages. However, what divides users is which group’s benefits outweigh their costs more. But before diving deeper into prohormones vs SARMS, it is essential to understand what differentiates them.

Prohormones and SARMS are both performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). What sets them apart is how they function. Both bind to androgen receptors, but SARMS work selectively. There are androgen receptors in many parts of the human body, including the liver. Prohormones bind with all androgen receptors, whereas SARMS only connect with bone cells and muscle tissue.

Also, both these supplements are legal in the UK. The UK government classifies both these supplements as regular food supplements. However, legal does not imply you can consume them like M&Ms. Even though they are legal to purchase, sell and use, they can have side effects.

Prohormones vs SARMS: strength and benefits

If you’ve been using protein supplements, both these classes of supplements will surprise you with their potency. Prohormones and SARMS produce unrivaled results, and only steroids can match their effectiveness. In terms of sheer potency, most prohormones are ahead of SARMS. Prohormones like Boladrol can help you add 17 pounds of muscle in less than four weeks.

In contrast, one of the strongest SARMS is RAD-140 which can help you gain 20 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks while also assisting in shedding 10-15 pounds of fat. Another notable distinction between prohormones and SARMS is their cycle period. While you can cycle SARMS for 8-12 weeks, you should not cycle most prohormones for more than four weeks. Prohormones are heavy on the liver, and as we will discuss later, you should follow their cycle with post cycle therapy.

While prohormones are ahead of SARMS in potency, SARMS have some added benefits. SARMS have long been used for muscle wastage treatment. They can also be a good substitute for testosterone replacement therapy and also improve bone density. According to some reports, SARMS have an androgenic to anabolic ratio of 1:10. Lastly, SARMS also have a higher bioavailability meaning that the body absorbs SARMS better than most PEDs.

prohormones vs SARMS

Another notable difference between prohormones and SARMS is their half-life. SARMS have a shorter half-life than most PEDs. This means that they stay in the system shorter than most PEDs leading to side effects for a shorter period, if any.

Prohormones vs SARMS: side effects

SARMS and prohormones are both highly anabolic and can have side effects. However, because SARMS bind to androgen receptors selectively, they have milder side effects than prohormones. Some of the side effects you might face while using SARMS are:

  • Bad cholesterol
  • Acne breakouts
  • Mood swings.

SARMS can affect your liver too. Experts recommend using liver supplements such as Advanced liver support to ax out any liver-related side effects. 

In contrast, most prohormones have slightly more side effects than SARMS. Apart from taxing the liver, these are some of the side effects you might face while using prohormones:

  • Hair loss
  • Heart problems
  • Decreased testosterone production
  • Lower libido
  • Acne.

Because prohormones mangle with the body’s natural testosterone levels, it’s necessary to cycle off prohormones consistently and do post cycle therapy. Post cycle therapy slices the risk of side effects significantly. In case you’re looking for a complete post cycle therapy stack, you can check it out here

Prohormones vs SARMS: which one should you use?

Prohormones and SARMS are both very strong. Many factors go inside deciding the best supplement. If you want to start using SARMS, Ostarine can be a great choice. It’s one of the safest SARMS on the planet. However, if you’ve already cycled some SARMS before and now want to improve your gas tank, no supplement can benefit you as much as SR9009.  

On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned prohormone user and now want to use the most effective prohormones with minimum side effects, give SD Matrix or Matrix black a try. Both these prohormones are two of the most scientifically advanced supplements and are an all-in-one package. Whether you want to break a strength plateau, build muscles or want to wrap up your pre-contest cycle, you can rely on both these supplements.  

Also, if you ever need assistance with determining the best supplement for yourself, you can always reach out to SD Matrix for the best match for yourself.

Conclusion: prohormones vs SARMS

This brings us to the conclusion on prohormones vs SARMS. Both of them pack more power than other mainstream supplements. Where SARMS are a bit safer than prohormones, prohormones are generally more potent. Most experienced users have an eye for cheap imitations and fake products. However, con artists lately have upped their game, and therefore, we highly suggest you only purchase from brands with a proven track record. In addition, sometimes manufacturers also blend unapproved substances, which might not dent a supplement’s potency but can be dangerous for health.