Steroids vs prohormones

For decades recreational bodybuilders and athletes have been using steroids vs prohormones for different purposes, such as enhancing their performance and building muscles. Both fast-track results and push the human body to its maximum capacity. And if you, too, have ever considered cycling them or are divided between the two, this blog will end your confusion. However, before we dive deeper into steroids vs prohormones, it is essential to understand how they work.

The best way to explain steroids vs prohormones is through an analogy. Steroids are like a “live wire” that is already working when it enters the body. On the other hand, prohormones need to be converted by the body to initiate muscle growth. Both bind with androgen receptors (ARs) in the body.

However, while steroids bind with ARs everywhere, including organs like the liver, prohormones are selective. Now on the surface, this might sound like something meaningless or with little effect on how they affect the body. But on a deeper level, this alone makes prohormones safer than steroids. That is because ARs are everywhere in the body, including the liver. And binding with ARs in the liver can result in problems such as an enlarged liver. 

Plus, while prohormones are legal in most countries, steroids are not. Needless to say, this has resulted in a huge black market for steroids. And where there are black markets, there is always a great risk of getting unoriginal products, which has been the case with steroids. This factor alone should make anyone think twice before buying steroids, but as you’re about to see, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Steroids vs prohormones: potency

As far as raw potency is concerned, it straight-up depends on the prohormone you’re comparing with steroids. Generally, steroids are more potent than slightly less potent prohormones like Epistane. But of course, this added potency comes at the cost of increased side effects. On the flip side, prohormones like SD Matrix and Matrix Black are as potent as anabolic steroids and are completely safe. Plus, they’re far more suitable for muscle-building and also take into account modern bodybuilders’ needs.

That’s not saying that these products don’t have any side effects. Of course, there are way too many moving parts like genetics for this to be consistent for everyone. But users report little to no side effects on most occasions and shockingly impressive results on all occasions. A 4-week cycle of these mighty supplements will completely transform you regardless of where you are on your journey.

So, in other words, while steroids are more potent than prohormones usually, some prohormones are at the same level of potency.

Steroids vs prohormones

Steroids vs prohormones: side effects

When it comes to side effects, most prohormones blow steroids completely out of the water. Prohormones like Epistane, SD Matrix, and Matrix Black have far lighter side effects. These prohormones have side effects, too, like suppression, but the recovery is quick. An effective post cycle therapy is enough to reinstate testosterone levels in the case of prohormones. But the same cannot be said about steroids. There’s hardly a case where anabolic steroids do not have graver side effects than prohormones. Perhaps, you could say that prohormones’ side effects are lighter than steroids. So, for example, both steroids and prohormones suppress testosterone levels, but steroids do it a lot more, which of course, is more dangerous. 

Steroids vs prohormones: safety

Safety is one of those things where you don’t just have to consider your safety but also other people’s safety. You’re far more likely to experience roid rage while cycling steroids than prohormones. Another fact that’s worth mentioning is the cases of overdosing. Steroid abuse is a far greater issue than overdosing on prohormones. On top of this, steroids also increase your risk of heart complications more than prohormones.

Conclusion: steroids vs prohormones

this brings us to the conclusion on steroids vs prohormones. You could say that steroids are the evil version of prohormones. While you can find prohormones as potent as steroids, hardly any prohormone results in the same level of side effects. Simply put, taking steroids is not worth it for building muscles when there are much more advanced and safer products. Most steroid users would tell you that a part of them wishes they never started it. Recovery is less probable, and the effects can last forever.

Instead, try cycling SD Matrix and Matrix Black. These are two of the most powerful supplements ever and will wholly transform you within weeks. Plus, to sweeten the pot even more, SD Matrix also offers an ironclad moneyback guarantee on all the products. That is because all of our products are genuine and flat-out work. Bold claim? Past results would tell you otherwise.