Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone: which is better?

If you’ve ever cycled prohormones or have considered cycling them, you must’ve heard about Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone. Both these prohormones are top-of-the-line compounds that pack a punch strong enough to transform you within weeks. Many users wonder which prohormone is better to cycle in terms of results and side effects. However, before diving deeper into Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone, it is essential to understand how both these prohormones affect the body.

When Superdrol and Methylstenbolone enter the body, they bind with androgen receptors. Both these prohormones have a high anabolic to androgenic ratio and do not aromatize. Methylstenbolone, in particular, is known for not aromatizing. This means that both these prohormones do not have estrogen-related side effects. Consuming these prohormones increases testosterone levels in the body and accelerates muscle hypertrophy.

Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone: bulking

While Methylstenbolone is a proper bulking specialist, Superdrol can be used for cutting and bulking. Though Superdrol is more inclined towards cutting, it is a worthy supplement for bulking too. Many consider it the crown jewel of all bodybuilding supplements. You can expect to lose around 15 pounds of fat in a month while replacing it with rock-hard lean, dense muscle. On the other hand, you can expect to gain more than 10 pounds of muscle while cycling Methylstenbolone.

Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone: cutting

While you can bulk on Superdrol and Methylstenbolone if you want to get shredded, Superdrol is a far better choice than Methylstenbolone. Superdrol is formulated for cutting, and there are very few prohormones that come close to Superdrol. It encourages the body to burn fat and get rid of it without losing lean muscle.

Superdrol is stronger than Methylstenbolone and therefore also gives quicker results. Many users wonder if doubling up on Methylstenbolone’s dose can give Superdrol-like results. The answer is simply no. Both are entirely different compounds. It is crucial to follow the recommended doses and not experiment unnecessarily to be on the safer side.

Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone

Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone: side effects

While Superdrol has a clear edge over Methylstenbolone in potency, Methylstenbolone has the upper hand in terms of side effects. Methylstenbolone has milder side effects than Superdrol. Users report no side effects while consuming 20 mg of Methylstenbolone in some cases. However, if you raise your Methylstenbolone dose to 40 mg per day, the chances are that you might experience Superdrol-like side effects. Consuming 20 mg of Methylstenbolone alone is enough to transform you within weeks. But sometimes, users go through plateaus that need something extra to break. In that case, Superdrol is the prohormone you should opt for. Methylstenbolone is easily one of the safest prohormones to date when consumed correctly.

Both these prohormones mangle the body’s testosterone levels. However, Superdrol requires a longer recovery period. Superdrol is heavier than Methylstenbolone on the liver too. Both these supplements require aggressive post cycle therapy and liver support. Due to their extreme potency, both these prohormones should not be cycled for more than four weeks.

Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone: differences

While there are many similarities between Superdrol and Methylstenbolone, there are many significant differences too. One of the differences that particularly stands out is that cycling Methylstenbolone does not result in lethargy. However, on the other side, Superdrol has more fullness and mass. In addition, both these supplements do not aromatize, but Methylstenbolone has a leg up over Superdrol in this case. Sometimes, cycling both these supplements do not result in any side effects. However, when they do, they mostly result in side effects that cause inconvenience.

Given that you follow all the protocols, most side effects vanish within weeks of completing the cycle. During your recovery period, you should not cycle any other anabolic agents. You can expect your testosterone levels to return to normal within a couple of months.

Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone

Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone: how to get the most out of their cycle?

To get the most out of your cycle, fulfilling your body’s nutritional requirements is essential. Consume as much protein as you can. Experts suggest doubling up your protein intake. Plus, it’s also important to get enough carbs. Lastly, complement your cycle with fish oil to regulate your blood pressure.

In addition, if possible, plan your cycle in a way that you move from higher reps and lower weights to higher weights and lower reps. That is, because once you will complete your cycle, and stop consuming prohormones, your body’s testosterone levels will decrease. Doing less reps with heavier weights at that time will help your body maintain your gains.

Where can I find Methylstenbolone and Superdrol?

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Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone

Conclusion: Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone

Conclusively, both these supplements can knock your socks off with their potency. While Superdrol is more powerful, Methylstenbolone levels the playing field by having milder side effects. At the end of the day, if you are an experienced user, it depends on your preference. However, if you’re a beginner, you should start with Methylstenbolone. Superdrol works best when it comes to breaking plateaus. As far as raw power is concerned, there are supplements that are even more explosive than Superdrol, such as Matrix Black. Hopefully, this blog answered all your questions about Superdrol vs Methylstenbolone. If not, feel free to drop us a line here. We’d love to assist you!