Prohormones for mass: 4 hard-hitting prohormones that can make you a mass monster

When it comes to packing muscle mass, hardly any supplement comes close to prohormones. So it’s a no-brainer that some of the most powerful prohormones for mass are also some of the best supplements to get great results in record time. This blog covers 4 of the best prohormones for doing that. But before revealing them, it is essential to shed some light on how prohormones are different from anabolic steroids.

Prohormones are widely known as the safer version of anabolic steroids for two reasons. Firstly, while prohormones are legal in most parts of the world, including the UK, steroids are not. Secondly, prohormones are the only class of supplements that not only come close but also give tough competition to the results anabolic steroids can give without having any of the harmful side effects that steroids can have.

Other classes of supplements have their own place, but when it comes to pure results, prohormones pretty much leave everyone else biting the dust. Perhaps, some SARMS like RAD-140 do come close to some moderate prohormones but can’t go neck-to-neck with the strongest ones. That said, without any further ado, here are 4 prohormones for mass that can rock your workouts and shock everyone around you with the transformation you’ll make.

SD Matrix and Matrix Black  

SD Matrix and Matrix Black are electrifying mass-builders that don’t care about your genetics or how long you’ve been stuck under the same frame. They get to work right off the bat and will give you pumps that crush every gym machine. Users gain around 20 pounds of muscle from cycling SD Matrix. The numbers for Matrix Black are slightly higher because it’s the advanced version. 

Also, the strength gains from both these prohormones are insane. They’re easily two of the best supplements one could use for breaking plateaus and packing muscle mass with high definition. Regarding potency, Matrix Black leads the chart for even the best prohormones for mass.

Both these prohormones are specifically tailored for modern bodybuilders’ needs and have minimal side effects for compounds of such hardcore potency. 

Prohormones for mass


Boladrol is another powerful prohormone for mass that can help you gain around 4.5-5 lbs of rock-hard lean muscle per week. Boladrol can be about 600% as anabolic as methyl-testosterone and 300% as androgenic. For that reason, Boladrol results are sometimes, as good as anabolic steroids.

Plus, it’s an extraordinary supplement for recovery, and if you’re one of those gym rats who can’t stay away from the gym even for a day, Boladrol might be right up your alley. Also, it’s a wicked fat burner and doesn’t allow your body to store any additional fat. Within two weeks, you’ll be able to notice a significant difference in your physique. In terms of packing muscle mass in the shortest period, Boladrol is only second to Matrix Black.


Methylstenbolone, also known as M-Sten in bodybuilding circles, is a dry gains specialist. You can expect to gain around 15lbs of muscle in 4 weeks which might be less than some other top-of-the-line prohormones for mass. But on the brighter side, Methylstenbolone probably gives the dryest gains out of all the prohormones. The aesthetics are incredible too. Plus, it cuts fat like a fat shredder, so if you follow a strict diet, the chances are while gaining muscle mass, you’ll also become the leanest version of yourself. One thing you need to be careful of while cycling Methylstenbolone is your water intake. Because water retention is low, you need to rehydrate regularly.

Prohormones for mass


Out of all the prohormones for mass, no prohormone burns fat on auto-pilot as Trenavar does. You can expect to gain 4.5 pounds of rock-hard muscles per week while dramatically dropping your body fat percentage. Trenavar’s gains are fuller, so it gives a very strong look. Reports suggest it is 5-10 times more androgenic and anabolic than testosterone. 

Plus, the definition Trenavar gives is insane. You’ll also get a lot more masculine as it develops male characteristics like facial hair. It’s no secret that Trenavar has been one of the most used supplements in the past decade. Uncountable gym rats have used its proven formula to build muscles in short periods.

Side effects: prohormones for mass

All the prohormones listed here are some of the most potent supplements on the planet, so it’d be unfair to expect them to be side-effect-free. That said, the side effects of all these supplements are nowhere near those of anabolic steroids. Advanced prohormones like Matrix Black go through rigorous testing to ensure that the side effects are as minimal as possible. Plus, even when side effects appear, they are negotiable. If you follow all the guidelines, there shouldn’t be any long-term side effects. 


Do all these prohormones require post cycle therapy?

Yes, post cycle therapy is a requirement when cycling such potent compounds. During the latter half of your cycle, your natural testosterone levels start to tank, and to stimulate testosterone production, you need to take a testo booster. A powerful testosterone booster like T Matrix Testo Booster can do this job perfectly.

Plus, such high-level compounds can also be hepatoxic. Therefore you should also take liver support. Liver supplements cleanse the liver of all the toxic waste stored in the liver. If you’re looking for one, you may check out SD Matrix’s premium liver supplement Advanced Liver Support. Because of its high percentage of TUDCA, it goes the extra mile to ensure that your liver is as clean and healthy as ever.

You can get both Advanced Liver Support and T Matrix Testo Booster as a stack here.

Prohormones for mass

Where to buy these prohormones for mass?

You can buy all these prohormones for mass at SD Matrix. SD Matrix has a stellar track record of providing only real authentic supplements. Plus, they come with an ironclad action-backed money-back guarantee. Put in the reps, follow all the protocols, and see it for yourself. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the results, just send us an email, and we’ll issue a refund.

Conclusion: prohormones for mass 

Conclusively all the supplements mentioned here are exceptional prohormones for mass and can give you results in weeks that most supplements won’t give you in months. All these prohormones are potent enough to get you in the best shape of your life. However, we also understand no two people are the same. That’s why if you need help sorting out which supplement will suit you the best, you can reach our support team here.