SD Matrix vs Epistane

SD Matrix and Epistane are two heavyweights of the supplement world that can knock anyone’s socks off. Epistane has some unique benefits that are exclusive to Epistane alone. On the other hand, SD Matrix evens the competition through its raw hardcore potency, making it one of the strongest supplements on the planet. However, before diving deeper into SD Matrix vs Epistane, it is essential to know some common facts about both these prohormones.

Both these prohormones work by binding with androgen receptors and have an incredibly high anabolic to androgenic ratio. Epistane was derived from a breast cancer medication which is why sometimes it’s also helpful in shrinking gynecomastia. While SD Matrix might not decrease gynecomastia, it does not aromatize either, and therefore estrogen-related side effects are rare.

SD Matrix vs Epistane: uses and results

When it comes to raw potency, SD Matrix is second to none. What makes SD Matrix such a desirable option is that it has all the benefits of an anabolic steroid with rarely any side effects. You can use SD Matrix for both cutting and bulking. While cycling SD Matrix, you’ll be on beast mode 24/7. The pumps are insane, and the results speak for themselves. Users gain around 15 lbs of rock-hard lean muscles in a 4-week cycle.

Epistane, on the other hand, is one of the best prohormones for cutting. Many recreational bodybuilders attach high priority to vascularity. And if you too want your veins popping out, Epistane will be a great choice. You can cycle Epistane for bulking too. However, you won’t gain as much mass as you would by cycling SD Matrix.

Both supplements spike up strength levels dramatically. You can use them both for breaking strength plateaus. However, SD Matrix is the better choice for breaking the size plateau because it’s a proper bulking specialist. While cycling both these prohormones, staying hydrated throughout the day is essential since your body turns into a fat-burning and muscle-building machine.

Lastly, both these prohormones have minimal water retention and therefore result in rock-hard gains. You can expect to gain size without giving up on definition or vascularity.  

SD Matrix vs Epistane

SD Matrix vs Epistane: side effects

Cycling Epistane should not result in any side effects. Epistane is one of the kindest performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and does not interfere with the body’s natural processes. On the flip side, SD Matrix is also safe to use. SD Matrix’s advanced formula limits side effects significantly, and most users experience no side effects at all. However, sometimes side effects can still appear since every person has different genetics, but that happens few and far between. And even when side effects occur, they vanish quickly. Following your cycle with an effective post cycle therapy removes any traces of cycling both these prohormones.

Both these supplements do not directly affect the hairline either. In fact, Epistane decelerates baldness. If your hairline is disappearing, Epistane can slow down the process. The hair won’t grow back, but the process will slow down.

SD Matrix vs Epistane: how to get the most out of your cycle?

To get the most out of your cycle, you should try consuming at least 2-3 grams of protein per body weight in kilograms. Also, add fish oil to your diet as it regulates cholesterol. Plus, stay away from alcohol because it’s hard on the liver.

SD Matrix vs Epistane: post cycle therapy

Both these prohormones require post cycle therapy. While they may not be as hard on the liver like some other prohormones, you should still do post cycle therapy as a preventive measure. SD Matrix strongly recommends the post cycle therapy stack for post cycle therapy. It covers all the bases and comes with T Matrix Testo booster and Advanced Liver Support (ALS). T Matrix Testo Booster reinstates the body’s testosterone production and helps in maintaining the gains accumulated after weeks of hard work. On the other hand, ALS detoxifies the liver while rehabilitating it and promoting its overall health. 

SD Matrix vs Epistane: cycle length

Like most prohormones, you should only cycle both these prohormones for four weeks. Four weeks are more than enough for these mighty supplements to transform you completely. Plus, restricting your cycle to four weeks is better for your body as well. 

Where can I find authentic SD Matrix vs Epistane?

You can find both these supplements at SD Matrix. All of SD Matrix’s products come with an ironclad money-back guarantee. The guarantee is also on the originality of the products. It is worth noting that the original SD Matrix only comes with a 1-month supply containing sixty capsules. All other sizes are replicas and unoriginal products.

Conclusion: SD Matrix vs Epistane

Conclusively, both these prohormones have their benefits. Anyone willing to put in hard hours in the gym can cycle these prohormones. It mainly depends on your goals. If you want the best results for yourself and are committed, then SD Matrix should be your pick since it suits modern bodybuilders’ needs and training routines. On the other hand, if you want to cycle something mild and still get good results, Epistane should be your pick.