Trenavar vs Epistane

Every smart gym rat understands that to become the biggest, strongest, and leanest version of themselves, they need to cycle the best supplements. And when it comes to the best supplements, the conversation is always incomplete without Trenavar and Epistane. Both Trenavar vs Epistane are top-of-the-line prohormones that can give you stellar results in just 4 weeks. So on that note, in this article, we’ll dive into the details of Trenavar vs Epistane and explore the differences between them so that you can decide which supplement will suit you the best.

Trenavar vs Epistane: what are they used for?

Trenavar, also known as Trendione, is a prohormone often used as a bulking agent by gym rats and other athletes. It is a derivative of the anabolic steroid trenbolone, known for its powerful muscle-building properties. Trenavar is a highly anabolic compound that can help to increase muscle mass, strength, and definition. It is also known to increase libido and enhance fat loss.

On the other hand, Epistane, also known as Havoc, is a prohormone used for cutting cycles. It is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and is highly effective at reducing body fat while preserving lean muscle mass. Widely known for its low side-effect profile, it can help increase strength, definition, and vascularity while also enhancing libido and reducing estrogen levels. However, it is not as powerful as some of the other prohormones on the market and may not be suitable for more advanced gym rats. That being said, it’s still 3x more potent than generic protein supplements and is one of the best supplements to preserve gains.

Trenavar vs Epistane

Trenavar vs Epistane: potency

When it comes to Trenavar vs Epistane, the difference in potency is quite significant. Anyone who has cycled both of these prohormones will testify that Epistane is one of the mildest prohormones while Trenavar is one of the strongest. Trenavar can even give anabolic steroids a run for their money and is 5x more anabolic than testosterone. You can expect to gain around 20 pounds of rock-hard muscle while also shedding tens of pounds. In other words, while cycling Trenavar, you can get the best of both, cutting and bulking, putting Trenavar in a very elite group of supplements.

Epistane, on the other hand, can help you gain around 10-15 pounds of muscle while also shedding fat. Even though that’s less than Trenavar, it’s worth pointing out that both these supplements have different purposes and that Trenavar being more potent does not necessarily mean that it’s better. Perhaps someone wants to preserve their lean muscle mass and cannot adhere to the demanding routine Trenavar requires, so in that case, Epistane will clearly be the better supplement. That’s just to show you that both these supplements are incredibly efficient at what they do.

A common benefit between both these supplements is the insane strength gains you will experience. You will start making light work out of all your previous workouts. Safe to say, cycling both these supplements can get you in the best shape of your life.

Trenavar vs Epistane: what sets them apart?

While both these prohormones are similar in nature, i.e., both work by increasing testosterone levels, there are many subtle differences between them. To begin with, Trenavar is unique in how it aids fat loss during the cycle. It increases the body’s internal temperature, so it starts burning fat on auto-pilot. As a result, you’re burning fat even while you’re sitting at your desk doing your daily chores. The only problem? Since you’re losing so much fat, you must always stay hydrated and ensure you’re drinking enough water for the whole process to be as smooth as possible.

In comparison, Epistane levels the playing field by having a low side effect profile. It’s widely considered the safest prohormone, and there’s a possibility that while cycling Epistane (if you follow all the protocols), you might not face any side effects. And that’s big because the #1 thing that stops most gym rats from experimenting with prohormones is the side effects. But with a low side-effect profile, Epistane is perfect for testing the waters and seeing whether prohormones are your thing or not. 

Trenavar vs Epistane

Trenavar vs Epistane: post cycle therapy

Since both Trenavar and Epistane artificially increase testosterone levels, cycling them requires post cycle therapy. As your cycle progresses, your body’s natural testosterone production declines, which can lead to suppression. To counter this, using a testosterone booster is crucial. If you’re looking for a high-quality testosterone booster, T Matrix Testo Booster is considered the UK’s #1 choice.

Additionally, a liver supplement that contains TUDCA is also necessary since both supplements can be taxing on the liver. Advanced Liver Support by SD Matrix is an excellent option to cleanse your liver and improve your overall health. Both these supplements can be purchased as a stack at a discounted price here.
Trenavar vs Epistane

Where can you find both of these supplements?

You can find both Trenavar and Epistane by the names of TRN Fury and EPI Fury, respectively, at SD Matrix. Both these supplements come with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can try them out for 30 days risk-free. If they don’t live up to your expectations or you’re not happy, just email us and we’ll refund every single penny. Then whether it’s 3 days or 30 days from now. We don’t want you to cycle something that does not suit you.

Conclusion: Trenavar vs Epistane

Conclusively, Trenavar and Epistane are both powerful prohormones that can help you achieve your fitness goals, whether it’s bulking or cutting. While Trenavar is stronger and more suited for experienced gym rats, Epistane is considered the safest prohormone with a low side effect profile, making it a good option for those just starting. Both supplements can give you insane strength gains and require post-cycle therapy to maintain the body’s natural testosterone production.

If you’re interested in trying these supplements out, you can find them as TRN Fury and EPI Fury at SD Matrix, with a 100% money-back guarantee. Ultimately, the choice between Trenavar vs Epistane comes down to your fitness goals and personal preferences. Hopefully, this blog answered all your questions about Trenavar vs Epistane. Yet if you still have any other questions, feel free to drop us a line. Happy lifting!