Methylstenbolone vs Epistane

If you’ve been using supplements for any length of time, you would agree that there’s no one-size-fits-all. Every supplement has different features and benefits and therefore gives different results. This blog dives deep into Methylstenbolone vs Epistane to find out which supplement is better. However, before diving deeper into it, it is essential to understand their history which will set up the stage nicely to compare them.

Methylstenbolone vs Epistane: history

Epistane first burst onto the scene when scientists in Japan discovered its anti-estrogen properties. Later it was found that not only Epistane has anti-estrogen properties but that it also instigates serious anabolic activity in the human body. Talk about a perfect bodybuilding supplement. Today, Epistane is a fan-favorite bodybuilding supplement. And as you will see later, it deserves all the hype.

On the other hand, Methylstenbolone has been used for weight loss, improving athletic performance, and reducing sexual problems.

Methylstenbolone vs Epistane: benefits

Epistane is an excellent supplement for cutting and is widely considered one of the best dry-gains supplements on the planet. Depending on your routine, you can quickly shed tens of pounds of lazy fat while gaining more than 10 pounds of rock-hard muscle. Many performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and steroids can help you cut, but muscle density differs with each product. With Epistane, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible thickness and hardness. Also, if you have a thing for a sculpted V-shaped physique, Epistane will be a great pick.

In contrast, Methylstenbolone is a proper bulking specialist. If you want to strictly bulk, Methylstenbolone should be your pick over Epistane. You can easily gain over 15 lbs of muscle with Methylstenbolone. Also, the muscles you will gain will be much fuller with incredibly high definition. This supplement also allows you to train harder and longer, fast-tracking results. A 4-week cycle will be more than enough to transform you completely. Lastly, Methylstenbolone is also a great dry gains specialist. Water retention is minimal, so it does not give a puffy look many high-profile supplements do.

A common benefit between both these supplements is the insane strength gains you will experience. You will start making light work out of all your previous workouts. Safe to say, cycling both these supplements can get you in the best shape of your life.

Methylstenbolone vs Epistane

Methylstenbolone vs Epistane: side effects

When it comes to side effects, most prohormones will only suffer in comparison to Epistane, and Methylstenbolone is no different. Epistane is easily one of the lightest prohormones ever, if not the most. It hardly causes suppression and rarely ever results in other side effects such as acne breakout or aggression. In contrast, Methylstenbolone is also light on the body but not as light as Epistane. Most users report no side effects while consuming 20 mg of Methylstenbolone. But of course, it differs from person to person. Even when side effects appear, they are Superdrol-like, except they’re milder.

Methylstenbolone vs Epistane: post cycle therapy

Even though these supplements are two of the lightest prohormones on the body, they still require post cycle therapy and liver support. Both compounds mangle with testosterone levels and are methylated. However, taking a robust post cycle therapy supplement like the T Matrix Testo Booster and a liver supplement like the Advanced Liver Support (ALS) almost always seals the deal.

The T matrix Testo Booster ensures that your body restores its testosterone levels quickly, which also helps maintain the gains you’ve accumulated after weeks of hard work. On the other hand, ALS cleans the liver by eliminating all the toxic materials piled from unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol. You can get both these products as a stack.

Methylstenbolone vs Epistane: how to get the most out of your cycle?

As far as your diet is concerned, you should consume a high-protein diet to fulfill your body’s nutritional needs. Also, try to have green vegetables like broccoli as it reduces estrogen in the body. Plus, it also supports healthy bowel function. In addition, pairing your cycle with fish oil will help regulate your blood pressure, ultimately preventing heart diseases.

Another proactive step that you can take to get the most out of your cycle is to plan your workouts. Try going from higher reps and lower weights to higher weights and lower reps. Doing so will help your body maintain the gains you’ve accumulated after weeks of hard work. The logic behind this is that once your cycle is over, your testosterone levels will tank, and therefore you won’t be able to train as intensely. By planning your workouts as described above, you could train less intensely without compromising on the weights you lift.

Conclusion: Methylstenbolone vs Epistane

This brings us to the conclusion on Methylstenbolone vs Epistane. Both these supplements are potent enough to transform you into a mass monster and get you insanely shredded. It’s all about an individual’s preferences.

When it comes to pure potency, Methylstenbolone has the upper hand. However, Epistane levels the playing field by being safer. If you’ve already cycled these supplements or supplements at the same potency level, you should try something new and mighty like SD Matrix or Matrix Black. These supplements are tailored to modern bodybuilders’ needs and are far more potent than Epistane and Methylstenbolone.