Msten supplement benefits, side effects and results in 4 weeks 

Methylstenbolone, also commonly known as Msten in bodybuilding circles, is a powerful prohormone that gym rats use to gain 10, 15, or even 17 pounds of muscle in just 4 weeks. And no, you wouldn’t need to stack it with other supplements. Ahead you’ll see, how Msten supplement accomplishes that without the harrowing side effects of anabolic steroids or support from other supplements.

But first, it’s essential to establish that Msten works even if you’re not a genetic freak or have bad genes. And no, you won’t have to wait for months to see the results of your efforts either. That’s because unlike many other mainstream supplements that work by filling in the nutritional gap, Msten works by punching up testosterone levels.

And that’s big because, most gym rats that are serious about building muscles are already eating clean and healthy, so there isn’t much to fill in for. Instead, what they need to do to break through plateaus or build muscles at a breakneck speed is to elevate their testosterone levels.

Msten supplement

How does Msten supplement work?

When Msten enters the body, it binds with androgen receptors inside the body that, in return, boosts testosterone levels. This accelerates protein synthesis while also cutting the recovery period, so you could work out at a much higher rate. Research proves that it has a greater muscle-building effect than Anadrol or Dianabol. Furthermore, it is an active and oral compound that resists metabolic breakdown.

Msten supplement benefits

Msten is notorious for helping its users gain massive size and strength without sacrificing definition. Part of the reason why Msten can do that is that the water retention while cycling Msten is extremely low. So not only will your muscles look bigger, fuller, and stronger, but also you will look ripped. You won’t get that puffy or bloated look that many supplements give. That also means while cycling Msten, you must regularly rehydrate yourself.

While cycling Msten, you can expect to gain upwards of 15 pounds of muscle. Of course, this isn’t set in stone, and there are way too many moving parts, but 13-17 pounds is where the majority lies. You can also expect high vascularity and definition. The aesthetics are incredible. Plus, you’ll also see a rise in your libido since cycling Methylstenbolone boosts testosterone levels, which are directly proportional to libido.

On top of all this, Msten is extremely efficient in helping you lose fat too. Its powerful formula ensures that you drop tens of pounds if you work out regularly and challenge yourself in each workout. A good way to do that is to explore high-intensity workouts such as HIIT.

Msten supplement

What makes Msten supplement different from others?

Something that gives Msten supplement a leg up over many other supplements is that, despite its massive gains, it increases muscle density. Also, it does not convert into estrogen, which is an area of concern for many supplement users. That is because, high levels of estrogen can instigate the emergence of gynecomastia, which causes an increase in the amont of breast tissue in men. While cycling Msten supplement, you don’t need to worry about that. And you don’t need to take an estrogen-blocker either. 

Msten supplement side effects

Because Msten is such a rampaging compound, some side effects can appear. These include headaches, mood swings, and lethargy. It’s worth noting that these are all potential side effects. In other words, their appearance differs from person to person. For some, they might appear, and for some, they might not appear at all. Besides, none of these side effects are near those of anabolic steroids. Because even when side effects do appear from cycling Msten, they disappear when you take the right measures. They’re not permanent, unlike those of steroids. Put simply, Msten is a lot lighter on the body with similarly impressive results.

Msten supplement

Does cycling Msten supplement require post cycle therapy?

Like all other prohormones that mangle with testosterone levels, Msten requires post cycle therapy too. When your cycle is over, your body’s natural testosterone levels take a dive. And to bring them back to the baseline, you need a powerful post cycle therapy supplement like T Matrix Testo Booster. It’s widely considered the UK’s best testo booster because of how efficient it is in helping supplement users reinstate their testosterone levels.

Apart from this, because such compounds can be hard on the liver, it is also strongly recommended that you take a liver supplement with a strong concentration of TUDCA in it. SD Matrix’s premium liver supplement, Advanced Liver Support fills the bill perfectly here. It will cleanse your liver of all the toxic materials and make it as fresh as new.

You can snag both T Matrix Testo Booster and Advanced Liver Support as a stack at a discounted price here.

Where can you buy Msten supplement?

Msten is one of the most ripped-off supplements ever, so it’s essential that you only get it from well-known brands with a proven track record. One of the many ways you can distinguish the real from the fake is by examining the post-purchase policy. Most brands that provide real products stand behind their claims and offer an ironclad money-back guarantee or something of the sort.

Because we know our supplements flat-out work, we also offer one. Try our products, follow all the protocols, and put in the reps. If you don’t see the promised results, you can have all your money back.

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Conclusion: Msten supplement mind-blowing benefits, side effects and results in 4 weeks

Conclusively, Msten is a monster in gaining high-density muscle mass quickly. It will get you insanely shredded while also making you much bigger. It’s very high on the scale of potency and if you have thing for a paper-thin skin, veins popping out, and fuller muscles, you’re going to absolutely love it. That said, no two people are the same, so if you still need help figuring out what will suit you the best, you can reach us here.