What are some good prohormones?

Hardly any class of supplements comes close to the explosive burst of energy that prohormones give. Whether you want to gain 15 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks or lose 2-4% of body fat, you can bank on prohormones to give you jaw-dropping results. People from all walks of life cycle prohormones to get quick results, break plateaus, and develop gorilla strength. However, before knowing what are some good prohormones, it is essential to understand how they work and the criteria used to measure their performance.

Prohormones function by binding with androgen receptors in the human body. They punch up testosterone levels that, in turn, accelerate protein synthesis and stimulate muscle growth. Most prohormones are incredibly potent and are no match for protein supplements and, in some cases, even SARMS. On the other hand, depending on the prohormone you cycle, there can be some side effects, and thus the risk-result ratio holds a considerable share while deciding on the prohormone you want to cycle. Plus, the speed of the results and the type of results you will get are also contributing factors.

What are some good prohormones for bulking?

For bulking, numerous prohormones can completely transform you within weeks. Starting with Boladrol, many consider Boladrol as the perfect product for experienced bodybuilders. As far as muscle gains are concerned, Boladrol might be second to none, along with quick post-workout recovery. Most users gain around 17 pounds of muscle in a 4-week cycle. Plus, the gains are lean. Adding everything up, Boladrol is an excellent choice for bulking. However, it is not the kindest prohormone, and there can be androgenic side effects. However, despite its quirks, many consider Boladrol one of the best bulking supplements.

Another prohormone that can get you the best bang for your buck for bulking is Methylstenbolone or M-Sten. M-Sten is relatively new and a top-of-the-line supplement when it comes to performance. While Boladrol may have the edge over M-Sten in the number of gains, M-Sten levels the playing field by strength gains and lower side effects. M-Sten is one of the safest prohormones and has an exceptional risk-result ratio.

However, if you want to cycle something incredibly potent while also being on the shorter end of side effects, Matrix Black will be the perfect choice for you. It’s a classic blend of Superdrol and Trenavar and is suited to modern bodybuilders’ needs. SD Matrix has refined its formula to minimize the side effects while also preserving the potency of both these prohormones to give you astonishing results along with striking aesthetics. You can gain more than 15 pounds of muscle while also dropping your body fat percentage significantly along with improved vascularity. Pound for pound, no prohormone gives as incredible results as Matrix Black.

What are some good prohormones?

What are some good prohormones for cutting?

For cutting, there are many prohormones that you can cycle. Starting with Epistane, many consider Epistane the kindest prohormone on the planet. Many users report no side effects at all. Plus, Epistane has some additional qualities, such as anti-estrogenic effects. The only chink in Epistane’s armor is that it is not as strong as other cutting agents such as Superdrol. Having said that, it is still incredibly potent and can get you great results.

In contrast, Superdrol is widely considered as the magnum opus of all supplements and is easily one of the most in-demand supplements of all time. Compared to Epistane, Superdrol is more potent but, at the same time, is also heavier on the body. You can cycle Superdrol for bulking too, but the word is that the prohormones mentioned above give better results for bulking. Cycling Superdrol can result in estrogen-related side effects. Nonetheless, following up your cycle with an aggressive post cycle therapy should make all the side effects fade away. The experience varies from person to person.

Another prohormone that gives outstanding results for cutting is Masterdrol. Masterdrol is famous for its low water retention. Plus, unlike Superdrol, Masterdrol does not aromatize and therefore has low estrogenic side effects. However, because it’s one of the most potent compounds, there can be some side effects such as male baldness, low testosterone levels, and mood swings depending on exogenous factors such as genetics.

Additionally, you can also cycle SD Matrix for both cutting and bulking. SD Matrix has incredibly low water retention, making it a great supplement for cutting. Apart from being one of the best prohormones for cutting, SD Matrix also spikes strength levels dramatically, meaning you can use SD Matrix for breaking plateaus too. SD Matrix is a specialist in giving the best results quickly with much less effort. Also, it’s lighter on the body than Superdrol. Out of all the supplements listed for cutting, SD Matrix has the best risk-result ratio. It’s an equally worthy supplement for bulking too.

What are some good prohormones to cycle to get the most of cutting and bulking?

Some users do not strictly want to bulk or cut. Instead, they want to get the best of both worlds. In that case, SD Matrix recommends cycling Matrix Black or SD Matrix. Both beginners and experienced users can cycle both these products. They’re not too taxing on the body and give enormous gains in a short period while also wiping out fat from the body.

Other considerations

All the prohormones mentioned are available at SD Matrix. While cycling prohormones, it is essential to consume a high-protein diet. SD Matrix strongly recommends a 4-week cycle for all the prohormones mentioned here. A post cycle therapy should follow all these prohormones. Lastly, prohormones are heavy on the liver, especially methylated compounds such as Masterdrol, and therefore, you should avoid liver-straining activities like drinking alcohol. Prohormones alone would not damage your liver, but topping your cycle with liver-damaging activities can harm your liver. Regardless, you can use liver support like Advanced Liver Support to assist your cycle. 

Conclusion: what are some good prohormones

Conclusively, all these prohormones give exceptional results. Some users do not strictly want to bulk or cut. Instead, they want to get the best of both worlds. In that case, SD Matrix recommends cycling Matrix Black. Both beginners and experienced users can cycle it. It’s not too taxing on the body and gives enormous gains in a short period while also wiping out fat from the body.