Boladrol vs Superdrol: which is better?

Boladrol and Superdrol are two of the most powerful compounds in the world of supplements. They both are very strong prohormones that can bring changes in weeks that most other supplements will take months. And while they both are best in their own right, this blog will try to draw comparisons between them. However, before diving deeper into Boladrol vs Superdrol, it is essential to understand how these supplements work.

How do both these powerhouses work?

Both these supplements are prohormones and have lesser side effects than steroids. They amplify the effects of existing hormones. However, on a deeper level, Superdrol is a bit different than most prohormones. A key factor that puts superdrol heads and shoulders above most prohormones is its low estrogenic effects. Its low water-retention properties mean that you won’t experience unpleasant side effects such as bloating or gynecomastia. On the flip side, Boladrol is a precursor to testosterone and a massive wet bulker that is highly anabolic. Users report changes almost as soon as they start using it. Noticeable changes are visible within two weeks. 

Benefits: boladrol vs superdrol

Both these supplements are very potent and pack more punch than most other supplements. However, they both offer different benefits. Because of Superdrol’s ability to suck water out of the body, many use it as a precontest supplement. On the other hand, Boladrol gives the best of bulking. Many use it for rapid gains. It can reportedly help you pack 17 pounds of muscles within four weeks of its use. It’s easily one of the most potent supplements on the planet and might as well be the best bulking supplement.

Plus, Boladrol is also a lean muscle mass specialist. Unlike many other supplements, Boladrol needs a smaller dose to perform its magic. And if you want lean muscle mass that lasts as long as you’re willing to work for, boladrol can be a perfect choice for you.

Boladrol vs superdrol

In contrast, Superdrol is highly effective in breaking strength plateaus. It’s athletes’ number one choice for upgrading their routines and besting their best with ease. Along with increasing your strength levels, superdrol also brings aggression to your workouts. If you have a nag for intense bone-crushing workouts, then superdrol should be your go-to supplement.

Boladrol vs superdrol

Side effects: Boladrol vs Superdol

Like any other performance-enhancing drug, both Boladrol and Superdrol can have side effects. Despite both being prohormones, their differing nature and properties can lead to slightly different outcomes. For example, superdrol has low-estrogenic side effects, whereas boladrol might require anti-estrogens to be on the safer side.  

Plus, both these supplements are hepatoxic and demand cycle support. Using liver supplements such as ALS cleans your liver of toxic materials and strengthens your liver. Also, when using these supplements, it’s vital to consume lean protein. Both these supplements are packed with raw power, and negligence in diet can raise cholesterol levels. 

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, prohormones can have androgenic side effects. Most of these side effects stem from low testosterone levels. As with most prohormones, proper post cycle therapy will enable your body to restore its testosterone production. You can learn more about increasing testosterone levels here. 

How to use them?

The starting dose for boladrol is recommended to be 2mg per day. Later you can increase it to up to 6mg per day spread across three 2mg doses. Also, boladrol is very anabolic and should only be cycled for four weeks. A single 4-week cycle can pack up to 17 pounds of muscles on your body which is why Boladrol is the top pick for many professional bodybuilders when it comes to bulking. Boladrol’s potency is one of the biggest reasons it is only recommended to men over 21.

On the other hand, the starting dose for Superdrol is 30mg-40mg per day. You may increase your dose up to 120 mg per day later in your cycle. To maximize Superdrol’s benefits while having minimum side effects, it’s recommended to cycle Superdrol for six weeks at most. Superdrol makes for a highly effective precontest supplement. It’s one of those elite supplements that can give you the best of both cutting and bulking.

Conclusion: Boladrol vs Superdrol

Conclusively, both these supplements are top-of-the-line compounds. What will suit you best depends on your goals and preferences. Both these supplements can accelerate your journey and give you great results. If you want to find out more about them feel free to contact SD Matrix here. SD Matrix has a proven record of providing some of the best supplements on the planet. You’ll be glad you chose them.