Workout supplements: 3 types of supplements you should try for stellar results

With every supplement brand and fitness guru having their own spin on which supplement will get you in your best shape the fastest way, we get it. You’re confused. But you’re not alone. That’s something almost every gym freak bumps into regardless of where they are in their journey. There are two reasons why this happens. First, you can’t possibly run a google search about workout supplements and not find scores of them staring back at you. And second, there is a lot of confusion about which bodybuilding supplement serves what purpose.

Something you can easily decode by knowing the pros and cons of each type of bodybuilding supplement, which is exactly what this blog is all about. However, before diving deeper into that, it is essential that we come clean and establish realistic expectations of using supplements.

Workout supplements

Workout supplements expectations and types

In a world already swimming in get-fit quick bodybuilding advice, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that supplements are the driving force behind results. When in reality, supplements are a catalyst that accelerates results. As you will see later, supplements can be the X-factor, but not even the best bodybuilding supplement will work if you don’t.

That said, we can divide workout supplements into two categories:

Category A: Workout supplements that provide extra proteins to your body like protein powder

Category B: Workout supplements that boost testosterone levels, for example, prohormones

Protein supplements

Proteins are the building block of muscles. And if you want to build muscles quickly, you can’t drop the ball with your protein intake. So it is essential to eat clean. That said, your body can only use a limited amount of proteins to build muscles, whether that protein comes from supplements or your diet. After the body’s needs are met, it converts the excess protein into fat. Meaning, yes, there is something like “too much protein.” And more importantly, after a certain point, protein supplements don’t move the needle. Which is exactly where workout supplements that boost testosterone levels fit in.


Now let’s say protein supplements aren’t doing the trick for you anymore, or you want better results for the same amount of effort. That’s where SARMS enter into the picture. SARMS work selectively by binding with androgen receptors. They boost testosterone levels, accelerate the process of building muscles and blast strength levels through the roof. SARMS like RAD-140 can give you 2.5 times the result you will get by just taking protein supplements. On the other hand, lighter SARMS can give you 2x the results, all else being constant.

There is a lot of confusion about the side effects of SARMS. So for that, when consumed in recommended doses, the chances are you will not experience any side effects. Most SARMS like Ostarine do not even result in suppression, meaning you don’t need any post cycle therapy either. That said, SARMS cannot be labeled as completely side-effect-free as there are way too many moving parts to make such a statement. But most users report no side effects.

Workout supplements


Out of all the supplements safe to cycle, prohormones proudly sit at the top of the potency chart. Prohormones are generally stronger than SARMS and can give you steroid-like results. Generally speaking, the strongest prohormones like Matrix Black and SD Matrix can give you 4x better results than protein supplements. Of course, you can stack them. That’s just to establish the power of prohormones in comparison. To be a bit more specific, you should be able to gain over 10 lbs of muscle easily by cycling lighter prohormones such as Epistane. Stronger prohormones like Matrix Black and SD Matrix can help you gain over 17 lbs of muscle.

As far as side effects of cycling prohormones are concerned, then there can be some side effects like lower sex drive, fatigue, and gynecomastia. But that’s not a sure thing. In fact, in some cases, there are no side effects at all. That said, post cycle therapy is a must with prohormones since some suppression is possible. Through post cycle therapy, you’ll be able to mute almost all side effects

Workout supplements

Can workout supplements cause erectile dysfunction or elevated liver enzymes?

Both depend on the workout supplements you’re cycling. To begin with, erectile dysfunction from workout supplements is usually caused when the supplements mangle with testosterone levels and the body fails to recover its natural testosterone levels. Luckily, that’s not the case with neither prohormones nor SARMS. In fact, as mentioned above, most SARMS do not even require post cycle therapy because they do not cause any suppression. On the other hand, prohormones can cause suppression, but an effective post cycle therapy will ensure your body fully reinstate its testosterone levels. For that, SD Matrix recommends T Matrix Testo Booster. It’s a tried and tested post cycle therapy supplement and is considered the UK’s best testosterone booster.

As for elevated liver enzymes, that can happen for many reasons. Even drinking alcohol can result in that. That said, some prohormones and SARMS can cause them. But a liver supplement that includes TUDCA, like Advanced Liver Support, can easily take care of that. Studies have shown that TUDCA drastically lowers serum liver enzymes that are markers of liver inflammation, meaning by taking ALS, you’ll be safe.

You can get both ALS and T Matrix Testo Booster as a stack here.

Workout supplements

Where can I buy workout supplements?

You can buy prohormones and SARMS from SD Matrix without any muss and fuss. They’ll be delivered straight to your doorstep. You can also subscribe to our subscription service, where you’ll get your favorite supplements delivered at a discounted price every month. Plus, all of SD Matrix’s products come with an ironclad money-back guarantee. If you do the work, stay disciplined and yet don’t see great results for yourself, just email our support team, and we’ll refund you every penny. 


Conclusively, workout supplements are for you to get better results for your hard work. They’re not magic pills. But if you do the work and are disciplined, you will see excellent results. The results will be far better with SARMS and prohormones. Of course, you can stack them with protein supplements. In fact, according to some users, the worst thing you can do while cycling SARMS is not to double your protein powder intake. Protein supplements and testosterone supplements go together very well. The comparison in this blog shows you how much stronger prohormones and SARMS are than protein supplements.